Saturday, May 26, 2012

Chiffon Pleats

What a wonderful day! KW and I started off in our cobalt blue dresses dilly dallying around the pond this morning, then headed in to set up our big, annual Staff Recognition Luncheon. It was quite fancy with a menu of orange glazed salmon, garlic roasted potatoes, blue cheese and pecan sprinkled wild field salad and a huge assortment of miniature gourmet chocolate and fresh berry flavored desserts. It was a warm sunny day, which accounts for my sleeveless dress and bare legs. We were all released early from work to get a head start on our long holiday weekend. After a few errands, I settled into a much more casual and much less stylish outfit in order to relax and enjoy an impromptu thunder storm, a cheese pizza and a hard cider on the couch with my husband. Ahhh...the weekend is here. ~CP

Dress: Forever 21; Pearls: Forever 21, Braided Belt: h&m; Heels: Target


  1. I love this shade of blue! Electric hot! the discharge current!


  2. So chic, what a stunning look! Blue is definitely your color :)

  3. pretty blue color! and loving pleats right now!

    1. Thank you! They make me feel very lady like! :)



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