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Short on Money, Long on Time

Monday, July 6, 2015

Sweater: Gap; Shorts: Loft (similar); Sandals: Joie

This three-day weekend was another scorcher. We hit 99 degrees just about every single day of the weekend and I'm pretty sure I'm either starting to acclimate to living drenched in sweat, or the heat has made me dehydrated and delirious enough to think this is normal. How do you folks from hot climates deal? I basically have to spritz my whole body in water and lay in front of a blasting fan to even sleep at night. 

To escape some of the summer-time heat, we got out of town on Friday and went with a few of Ben's friends to a river to fish for crayfish and drink near some water. Ben had a dream of "getting his toes wet," but Fourth crowds meant going to the beach or to any nearby lakes or rivers would be a nightmare of crowds. We drove about an hour outside of Portland to Estacada to a park on the Clackamas River full of people floating. It had some great spots on the bank for anglers to fish for trout, a ton of wildlife (we saw an osprey catch a fish, a heron, many salmon jumping in the river, an American dipper, crayfish, and a I became intimately acquainted with many a bug), and the opportunity to not smell or hear the city for a few hours. 

On the fourth, we holed up inside for most of the day drinking spritzers, and then had a hot BBQ outside with friends. We sweat for a good couple of hours until the sun went down and then watched the big firework show on the waterfront. All in all, the perfect sort of summer evening when the sun's out late and the drinks keep flowing. 

I'm sad to see the weekend go, but I can see some lower temps in our future (next weekend it finally drops below 95) and I am trying to mentally hurry them along! I look forward to the day I can turn that AC off and make my electric bill a little bit happier.

Iced Tea and AC

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

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It feels like someone punched the Portland thermostat dial up 15-20 clicks. From the normal 75 and breezy to a standard forecast of at least 91. For the next two weeks. It has been enough to drive us rainy-folks mad. And air conditioners have been on and humming. Cats laying down in on any cool piece of floor they can find. I've personally been sweating through all of my work clothes on my walk to work... at 8 a.m. For those in traditionally hot climates, our 91-100 forecast is probably less than impressive, but to us? It's pretty unprecedented. It even has its own hashtag  - #pdxheatwave.

What is one to do in the gorgeous PNW in this sort of weather? I've been lurking around the cool waterfront where the breeze seems cool sweaty skin much quicker than in the depths of the city. I am lucky enough to live in an area that's really close to some cooling water and a ton of events that happen right near it. All of our festivals - the Blues Fest, the Oregon Brewer's Fest in July, and many a city fair - happen right down near my apartment on the waterfront. But in this sort of heat, I'm all about my indoor time during the heat of mid-day. It's about air conditioning, two cats (also trying to stay hydrated and cool), a cool drink, and a good summer magazine read. I'll peek outside the apartment once the temps drop to 80! It's the perfect time to enjoy something cool and summery with a loved one, or just a loved cat. That likely sounds anticlimactic, but what's a girl with pale skin to do?

I've been relying on cold beverages in this hot weather (bye lattes!), but quickly realized that my go-to was leading to an Anchorman scenario - an iced Chai on a 99 degree day? Milk was a bad choice. And so it was time to reevaluate my decisions and make a big batch of ice cubes for the next go to - lemon and simple syrup sweetened iced American Breakfast tea. It doesn't sacrifice the caffeine or the refreshing coolness, but it certainly nixes the loads of calories and heavy dairy! I've been relying on Bigelow American Breakfast tea bags to make a big pitcher of iced tea to enjoy after work and even on my lunch break. Sweet (literally) relief from the insane heat! 

As an added bonus, get some Bigelow tea at Walmart and know that they've sent almost 4 million bags of tea to troops overseas. Find additional information about Tea for Troops at

How do you stay cool in this sort of weather?

Summer Shopping

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

I haven't been shopping in quite a while. What with running home at lunch to take care of the new kitten, to being insanely busy with calligraphy, my wardrobe has remained the same for the past few months. It has been nice on the bank account, to have basically forgotten about shopping, but my wardrobe is feeling a bit dark and outdated for summer! 

When I need reliable clothes that I know will fit with my current staples, will wear well, and I can trust the sizing - I visit my go-to stores: LOFT, Ann Taylor, and Gap. The LOFT has been wow-ing me lately and almost everything I wear to both work and play are their currently breezy silhouettes and tailored work attire. Some of my favorite pieces in stores are in the shoppable widget above! I actually just bought that pink dress (couldn't resist!). 

Let me know if you are eyeing any new pieces for summer!