Wednesday, June 27, 2012

In Pink and Polka Dots

I often like to wear this cardigan with a very basic outfit of staple items, where it can be the focal piece. I think polka dots this big need to be your entire statement with any outfit - and done right, what a statement they can be! I often get lots of "Oh my god, that's adorable" comments with this cardigan and have to agree. It's soft, both in color and texture, and is small enough not to overwhelm the top half of me. I just bought this Loft basic scoop neck tee and am loving the light pink color. I rarely wear anything pink for fear that it'll wash out my fair complexion, but this color seemed to work just right and I was pleasantly surprised.

Cardigan: American Eagle (similar alternative); Top: Ann Taylor LOFT; Pants, belt: The Limited (pantssimilar belt); Bracelet: Forever 21 (similar); Shoes: Connie at Famous Footwear (similar)


  1. I really want to find a polka dot cardigan and this one is so cute!

    1. thanks! forever 12 (linked above) has some great ones, though this was from ae ages ago.

  2. Beautiful bracelet! I bought the same :)

  3. Not to echo what you hear all the time already, but that cardigan seriously is adorable! I like it paired with neutrals too, it's such a fun central focus to your whole outfit :)

  4. That cardigan is SO cute! No wonder everyone tells you its adorable :)

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