Monday, July 16, 2012

Country Belle

As KW mentioned, we are both on lovely seaside vacations, though we are not actually together. I won't definitively speak for KW, but I can only hope she is having an equally relaxing and beautiful week away from the desk. I woke up early this morning and took a swim with my grandmother, came across a sweet baby deer on the way home from the pool and then shared a wonderful breakfast of Greek yogurt, fresh berries and granola with my grandparents. We're going to the market later and will perhaps take a little walk along the beach with my dog. It's amazing what a gorgeous view and a lack of city noise can do for a soul.

This outfit is super summery and casual. Cut off jean shorts may not be the classiest thing in my wardrobe, but somehow they feel nostalgically American in the summertime. I've worn this top before to work with the sleeves pulled up, so this was kind of fun to be able to get a few freckles on my shoulders out in the sun (with lots and lots of sunscreen of course!)

Thanks for being patient with our somewhat sporadic posting!

Top: Forever21; Shorts: GAP; Sandals: Target


  1. You look lovely. That top is so perfect for summer and I love the pop of turquoise with the sandals. Enjoy your vacation!

  2. Adore that pretty ruffled shoulder top! The print is summery and the turquoise sandals add great colour.

    <3 CAMBRIA

  3. Jean cut offs are the best for summer vacations!

  4. i hope you are both having a great time on vacation! would love for you to enter my giveaway:


  5. I love the ruffled top! The shoes are also adorable for summer :)

    xo, Scarlett
    The Trendy Chick

  6. Sounds like an amazing vacation! I hope you enjoy every minute!

  7. Cute! Love your sandals!


  8. the top and the tattoo!! I am kind of obsessed with tattoo which I used to hate. After a friend introduce the tattoo culture to me, it just changed my whole idea of the meaning behind tattoo:)



  9. How cute! So summery!

  10. love your outfit

  11. This is a great summer outfit!

  12. I just stumbled across your blog and am now following! I love the look of your posts, but it was the bios you and KW wrote about each other that really hooked me!


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