Sunday, July 1, 2012

Ocean Blues

My office is still under construction and with our ventilation turned off for the summer, it has been extremely muggy at work. It has been much too hot to wear blazers, cardigans, and even slacks in the office so I went for a maxi dress (layered with a tee to keep it work appropriate) and a brown belt. I still found myself hiking up my skirt all day to get a breeze on my ankles. When I put this outfit on, I was rushing out the door to meet CP and accidentally put on these black shoes with my brown accessories! I think the dress may have detracted from them, but I still felt a little silly for my fashion faux pas.

What have you all been doing to beat the heat in areas that are hitting the hundreds this, and the past, week?

Top: Ann Taylor Loft; Maxi dress: TJ Maxx; Belt, shoes: Forever 21 (similar shoes); Bag: Thrifted Coach (newer version)


  1. It's still around the 70s around here so I haven't had to deal with the heat yet! Not looking forward to when it hits the hundreds though, but you look so cute in this outfit regardless of the hot weather!

  2. The monochromatic blues are so pretty together! It's getting really hard to keep cool in this heat, other than sitting in the A/C. Even the beach is getting to be too hot!

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  3. i love that the skirt matches your eyes!! SO pretty!! i'm sorry it's been so hot at work - it's super hot here, too but i'm blessed to be in AC all day!!

    still being [molly]


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