Monday, July 23, 2012

Postcards from the Island

Handmade cuff bracelet bought at the Mill Creek Arts Festival.

 My favorite local lunchtime establishment. Best tuna melt on the island!

Obligatory photo with 'Boy and Dog'.

My grandmother's beautiful garden. Only the most magical place on earth.

My view from morning yoga at the beach road clubhouse. 


Fiery red! 

Just strolling through the front yard. 

My old friends.

Hoot enjoyed her seaside vacation too!

 Sky high hollyhocks grown from seeds found in Monet's garden.

Heading down to the beach. Watch your step!

Smells as beautiful as it looks.

And now I am back at work feeling rather blue that I am not walking the beach roads with my grandparents, but oh what a wonderful week it was. In the months leading up to this trip I daydreamed about all the fun we would have and now that it has come and gone and I can look back and do the very same. Thank you everyone for bearing with us during our wacky posting schedule. We are back, well rested and ready to post more regularly!


  1. i love that bracelet - how unique! sorry your vacation is over :(

  2. Your grandmother's garden blows my mind! Looks like the backdrop of a fairytale :)


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