Thursday, July 12, 2012

Tattoo Lady

When I was a kid, my mom would braid my hair while it was damp and then after it dried we'd take it out and I'd have amazing mermaid hair. I would wear a bathing suit and pull my sleeping bag over my legs and lay on the couch flipping my tail like a true mermaid sunning herself on an ocean rock while watching cartoons. When I had her tattooed on my arm I asked the artist to make her hair particularly fiery and amazing. 

The tree of life appears in nearly every religion and symbolizes how we are all connected to one another. I think it's a lovely image and even lovelier sentiment. My mom and I got these together.

My brother was coming into town and he had a tattoo all picked out for himself. I really wanted to get one alongside him so that we could have that fun experience together as a permanent way to remember his visit. I suppose I could apply some kind of symbolism to this tattoo about striking out on my own and being free as a bird or something, but mostly I just thought this one was pretty. 

I got my bachelor's degree in music and wanted something other than an obvious treble clef. I decided on a bluebird of happiness. He's singing a little eighth note. 

A peace rose. My grandma Ruby Rose's favorite. This tattoo honors one of the best women ever to be born. I miss that lady.

So there you have it! I have a couple more and plan to continue my inking eventually, but these are the highlights. 

Tell me about your meaningful pieces if you have them! 


  1. love the tattoos! :D

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  2. I love the ankle tattoo, really beautiful and love story behind it.

  3. So awesome to hear about the stories behind these!

  4. Here's one of mine:

    It's a Celtic Motherhood knot, and each one of the daisies (my favorite flower) represents one of my children :)

  5. Ooooh! Thanks for this post as I've been curious about your tattoos! I don't have any but I love the little singing birdy. I went to music school, too, and if I ever got any ink I would like something musical but not necessarily a treble clef, either! Maybe I could get an alto clef for the viola...

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  6. I am loving how colourful your tattoos are...that little bluebird is just darling and the birdcage is so unique!

    <3 Cambria

  7. I'm not a big fan of tattoos generally, but I think yours are so pretty and classy! The rose and bluebird are my favorites!

  8. All of your tattoos are so gorgeous! I love the last one :)

  9. Very cute bird cage tattoo!

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