Monday, August 6, 2012

90 Degrees: Too Hot To Be Stylish

Top: Target (similar); Shorts: Forever 21; Shoes: Unisa from TJ Maxx; Necklace: Shabby Apple

Let's be honest: sometimes it's too hot to be classy. And today, when it finally hit 90 degrees in our town, it was definitely too hot to be classy. My boyfriend and I spent a lazy first half of the day sleeping and then ventured out to take a two mile walk around the park in the roasting sun. We were both aware that anything that looked classy, put together, and/or stylish would not be cutting it out in the city heat so we settled for total summer outfits: daisy dukes (me), madras shorts (bf), and a patterned tank (me).

My boyfriend is currently apply to med school and working on his med school secondary applications so this park jaunt was our main together-time for the day. It's been relatively quiet around the apartment with him typing away and me blogging, but I'm excited for these applications to be in and for us to get back to lazing around all weekend watching bad TV. Happy August, all!


  1. 1) Love the layout!
    2) Sometimes summer just gets the best of our style, but I think you did a wonderful job! I really like the printed tank and distressed denim shorts are my favourite. I'd say you're still lookin' stylish!
    3) Good luck to him and his med school applications!

  2. Gorgeous layout & I agree, there are some days that are too hot and muggy to even think about clothes or moving even!! Happy Monday xx

  3. I completely agree! There are many days when I just have no desire to dress nice, because it's 106 degrees out - why even bother?? This weekend was actually cooler here, but we are back to the high 90s this week. I hope we are done with triple digits for the year!

  4. Despite the heat, I think that your looks was still great!

  5. Nothing wrong with a classic pair of shorts and bright tank! For it being so hot, you still look wonderful. Also loving the new layout - super cute!


  6. Beautiful top! You have fantastic eyes btw (hope that doesn't sound too odd haha) and the shirt really brings them out!

  7. Sometimes it really is too hot to be worried! I love your tank, I have the same one! The pops of color turn it into a perfect summer look!

  8. Haha, it is too hot in MN lately to be stylish either! But you look darling that bright green on you :) And super neat what your bf is up hubby is applying for a better job and we're hoping he gets it...will have our fingers crossed for your man too :)

    <3 Cambria

  9. Wonderful pictures :)


  10. i really love your pics! you look really pretty!
    i'm following you now, mind to check out mine?
    anyway, thanks for the comment on IFB!

    sincerely, catharina

  11. hey KW! I completely agree with the fact that on hotttt days who wants to dress up!I love these shorts you're wearing they're so comfy. Anyway, hope you come look at my new post on thrifting tips!

    XoXo, Maira


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