Saturday, August 11, 2012

A Pleasant Peasant

Peasant Top: Old Navy; Corduroy Skirt: ModCloth; Flats: JC Penney; Chocolate Pearls: My grandmother's collection

My husband and I took a little jaunt up to the big city and checked out my new alma mater. Granted, I'll actually be taking all of my classes via the world wide web, but it was still fun to walk around the campus a bit and to purchase a bit of school related swag. 

(The photos above are not from the campus, but from our beloved backyard park.)

While in the bookstore I thought I would look and see about purchasing my textbooks. A young college student and bookstore employee approached us to see if we needed assistance. When I explained that I was in the "iSchool", which is short for Information School, he misunderstood me and tried to lead me to the High School textbook section. Umm..not quite. But thanks. I enunciated a bit more and he looked flustered and apologetic while declaring that he understood now. "Oh! No! Of course! I get it! Like optometry!" We eventually got on the same wavelength and discovered that the book I needed wasn't even in stock yet. Ah well. I have time. Anyway...Go Huskies! :)


  1. Love the top and the necklace :)
    Good luck at school !

  2. I love your skirt, you must have endless possibilities remixing it!

  3. Aye Lassie, Eye School! Funny! Great skirt!

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