Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Cross Your T's and Dot Your I's

Sweater: Old Navy; Jeans: H&M; Flats: Target (similar)

Autumn is my all time favorite of favorites. We're not quite there, but I'm anxiously awaiting its arrival. I love all of the fall-time things that everyone else loves: crunchy golden leaves, pumpkin spice treats, wearing tights and sweaters, etc. But there are other things too. Less tangible. The nervous excitement of the beginning of the academic school year. The memories of my wedding which we held in October. The planning and waiting as we launch into the whirlwind of holidays. And the quiet, peace of trees and flowers laying down to rest for the year. It always passes too quickly, so every breath of crisp harvest air is one to be thankful for. I will try  not to look so far forward that I miss it all together.


  1. I really like this sweater. it has a retro feel.

  2. You just can't beat a polka dot sweater! And I love how easily it pairs with those black pants and flats. Old Navy is really rocking my world with the polka dot sweaters these last few seasons! This will be a great piece for fall!


  3. I've been thinking about getting that sweater, it is just so cute with the polka dots! Summer is my favorite season so I'm sad to see it go.

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  4. Oh, that sweater is really lovely, I can't wait for the colder weather to get here :).

  5. Autumn is my ultimate favourite as well :) Beautiful sweater!

  6. Adorable sweater and it looks so good with those pants. I might just have to purchase one for myself come fall!

  7. Loving the polka dots! So far I only have a navy with white polka dotted dress but would love to add some more pieces to my wardrobe!


  8. You look gorgeous and autumn is my very of favourites too :))) xx

  9. love that polka dot sweater♥
    i'm in love with autumn, too:)

    have a nice day

  10. love your sweater!! And I love autumn, I'm an october girl so I just have a natural connection to the colored leaves haha, cool that you got married in that month :)

  11. Yes! Great minds DO think alike! Cheers to this ON sweater! Thanks for stopping by my blog, ladies! Loving both of your styles!! New reader!


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