Friday, August 24, 2012

The Golden Hour

Dress: Target (similar); Scarf: Heart Boutique; Belt, beaded bracelet: Forever 21; Shoes: Franco Sarto from TJ Maxx

Do you ever have one of those love-at-first-sight shoe moments? Where you're pouring over the racks like a ravenous animal, trying to find the one in your size or half size? And when there isn't a 9, you're cramming your poor feet into a miserable 8, and thinking "I can make this work." Well, this happened to me with these shoes (thanks a lot, Franco Sarto). The price tag and the fit didn't matter and the opportunities to wear them were irrelevant. I was actually totally enough to finally find them in my size and it was into the cart and no turning back.

Eight hours of work later and I was basically crippled. The shoes have no give and the suede upper is very rigid which makes them look absolutely gorgeous on, but forces your feet into an an unflinching arch. And then I saw these pictures and how absolutely fabulous the shoes looked on my feet, my legs, and just standing alone and I'm in love all over again. To heck with you, feet, I will wear these beauties again!


  1. LOVE this look on you girly. Those shoes are awesome :)

  2. aww sorry to hear that the shoes aren't exactly comfy but they do indeed look good!

  3. Those shoes are really gorgeous! It's too bad they aren't that comfy :( Have a great weekend!

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  4. BEAUTIFUL shoes! I am guilty of frequently wearing very uncomfortable shoes...and the worst part is that I'm too proud to take them off in front of people! haha


  5. Green! Oh it compliments you so well!

  6. Holy crap shoes! I wear lots of band-aids on the feet for shoes that aren't nearly that hot.
    Rock it!

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