Monday, September 10, 2012

A New View

Striped Dress as Top: Old Navy; Cardigan, Skirt, & Belt: H&M; Shoes: Payless; Necklace: My great grandmother Ethel's; Pins: My husband's great grandmother's clip-on earrings

Have you tried wearing clip-on earrings? They're kind of uncomfortable. Heavy and they squeeze your earlobes until you have a headache. I have a lovely collection of these earrings that my husband brought to me, once owned by his great grandmother. They are all so elegant, it would be a shame if the only admiration they received was by my own eyes glancing at them occasionally stashed away in my jewelry box. Don't they look stylish and well placed on my cardigan? This is the perfect solution! I've also see them clipped to shoes for some added sparkle. I will have to try that next! 

This was a day of being a bit fashion-adventurous. My grey striped top here is actually this dress. I love adding new life to a piece by finding a different way of showcasing it.


  1. That's a good idea for the clip on earrings! I have pierced ears but I can't imagine how painful the clip on ones would be!

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  2. These photos are amazing, you look so beautiful in the light of the sun.

  3. you look very sweet and pretty:) I add your blog to my followers, I will back here many times:)


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