Thursday, September 20, 2012

Picky Plum

Jacket: Limited (similar); Top: H&M (similar); Pants: LOFT; Shoes: JC Penney; Necklace: rose quartz hand-me-down

I probably spent about twenty minutes googling "capri pants in the workplace" before I was able to walk out the door in these beautiful plum Loft cropped pants. And even then it was with some doubt in my mind as to the work-appropriate-ness of the pant length and color. I was wooed by Loft's beautiful tribal and animal print cropped pants in the store and even tried them on, but I didn't feel bold enough to pull them off in real life, outside of the safe dressing room walls. Plum was the next best, and most bold option I could find. By pairing the plum with a lighter, longer top, and a pair of wedges, I think I achieved a dressier look that ended up being okay.

What do you think? Capris/cropped pants in the work place? What about tribal and animal prints on pants?


  1. Beautiful blouse! Love the colors.


  2. I love the floral pattern on this top. It goes perfect with your pants--so pretty!

    The Glossy Life

  3. I just bought this top from H& the floral print and thought it would go SO great with black,grey, purple...and it does. Fab with those capris, and so chic with the leather jacket on top.

    <3 Cambria

  4. I think it looks great and totally office-appropriate!

  5. Looking great as always! I love this blouse and photo location :)

  6. I think this totally works for the office! I love the deep plum color. Wish I was tall enough to pull capris off :)

    The Tiny Heart
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  7. Cute outfit! Love the light, sophisticated way you accessorized it.


  8. i think they are definitely work appropriate. i also love that blouse!

  9. i love plum in autumn, such a rich and full color!

  10. Love the colors! So nice!


  11. LOVE the plum pants, and even better with the floral blouse. Lovely look.

  12. Love this look on you! Newest follower! xx.

  13. Love the plum jeans! I need to get me a pair :)

  14. Cropped pants in the workplace? For sure!!! As long as they're a nice professional cut and not super tight. These are perfect.
    Printed pants? It depends. If it's a classic print like polka dots, sure. As long as it's done right. But leopard print? Probably wouldn't fly in my office.

    Love the look though! The colour of those pants is awwwwesome.

  15. I think capri pants are work appropriate as long as you don't wear flip flops with them or look sloppy over all. You did a great job on this look.

    Pink Chai Style

  16. love the color of the pants!

  17. I love those purple pants and how you paired it with the leather jacket.

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  18. Those pants are a great color and I love the pattern on your top! Very cute :)

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