Saturday, September 15, 2012

The General Specific

Top, blazer: H&M (similar blazer); Skirt: LOFT outlet; Shoes: JC Penney; Silver cuff: great grandmother's

I am so excited that it's officially the weekend! I had a long Friday, and long week, actually, where I felt like I wasn't performing up to par with my own personal standards at work. I am going to blame the warm, hazy days we've been having. Darn it, I'm ready for fall and it's throwing off my game.

 I am up early (before eight on a weekend!) because my boyfriend is attending a conference this weekend and is noisily getting ready and I have shopping on the agenda. On the menu for today are the following items: a nice, crisp white button down as inspired by my beautiful friend CP's recent purchase; new black heels for work (because I always wear these wedges from JC Penney and two of my black heels just broke); and a statement item that channels the crazy seventies print trends that are filling the stores (preferably not on pants).

Tomorrow, we're headed to the fair! I don't know if anything I wear to see baby animals, eat cotton candy, and ride low-to-the-ground, slow-moving rides would be worthy of an outfit post... but we'll see!


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