Saturday, October 27, 2012

In a Bed of Leaves


Jacket, skirt: H&M; Sweater: Gap; Tights: TJ Maxx; Shoes: JC Penney

The wind has nearly blown all of the pretty fall leaves off the trees and the slanted, constant rain is making them a soggy thing to look at, scattered on the street and clustered along the curbs. At work, the leaf-blowers are going non-stop to clear the lawn from a pile-up of leaves and the trees are starting to shiver with their bare branches showing. The temperature has been holding steady at about 52 degree highs and 39 degree lows and I learned the chilly way that I needed to wear tights with every outfit. It's just too cold to be bare-legged in the early morning or after work. 

I am starting to get up and leave in the dark, and the clouds aren't helping. I think my outfits are getting progressively darker, hard as I try to keep some winter color in my clothes. I just don't have the energy for jewel tones or bright colors when the weather is so gloomy. And black tights tone most anything down. How do you stay bright and chipper when you've got months of rain and chilly air ahead?


© kelsey malieMaira Gall