Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Ombre Halloween

Top, tights: American Eagle; Skirt: LOFT; Shoes: Macys

Happy Halloween! I woke up this morning to a deep mist, pouring rain, and a generally dark landscape outside my windows. It looks like the perfect sleepy, wet city that a murder mystery or a haunting could be set in... just in time for the holiday. I've got bags full of candy to hand out to my work study students and cookies for all of the adults.

I haven't dressed up for Halloween regularly and with any excitement since the 5th grade when I dressed in my Dad's slacks, rainbow suspenders, and a button down and carried a cane, wandering around the neighborhood as a mustachioed man. My senior year of college I did manage to pull of a "policewoman" costume (the dress was so short I literally wore another skirt underneath it) and my boyfriend dressed as Lil Wayne and we formed the song "Me and Mrs. Officer." We just sang "wee-oo-wee-oo-wee" all night. What're you dressed as this year or are you forgoing the holiday all together?


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