Monday, November 19, 2012

Ladies in Navy Gift Guide: Sixteen Candles

CP and I may not be sixteen anymore, but we pretty much want everything on this gift guide. We're both happy Kindle Fire owners and while CP uses hers primarily for school work (highlighting PDFs, yes please), I use mine for fun reading and magazines. Books for the Kindle are often cheap and once the Kindle is in-hand, voila!, a lifetime of presents accounted for - just send them an e-book! The rest of the gifts, from the sparkly nail art pen that I might just buy myself, to the druzy stone earrings, are shiny, perfectly on-trend and won't break the bank. (I hope you also appreciate CP's intense love of planners and notebooks and journals here in the SMASH folio... If the teen you're buying presents for at all resembles CP with her adorable and quirky organizational love, then this is definitely the perfect gift).


  1. I love browsing through blogger's favorite gift guides because it's so hard shopping for people who I feel like "has it all"!

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