Friday, November 16, 2012

Ladies in Navy Gift Guide: To Sir, With Love

1 - Billy Kirk No. 019 Shoulder Satchel - $325 / 2 - Wooden Earbud Cord Organizer - $27 / 3 - David Hart NYC Necktie - $125 / 4 Baxter of California Shave 1.2.3. - $70 / 5 - Highland Whisky Tasting Set - $65.07

KW and I were just discussing this morning how perfectly wonderful it is to choose, purchase, wrap and give someone the perfect gift. Sure, it doesn't always go exactly the way you planned, but when it does? Pure magic. Putting together a gift guide for a female friend can sometimes be a bit easier as KW mentioned, since often your tastes and interests are aligned. But how do you go about it for the man in your life? We've chosen some rugged, yet refined options that we think would go over perfectly. And don't forget about tucking in a little something personal as well. His favorite junk food that he doesn't have to share with anyone else. If you're crafty, monogram his initials on a hanky. Or just tuck a sweet note for his eyes only in that swanky new shoulder satchel. You'll be sure to get that magic reaction you were hoping for. Happy shopping!


  1. these are great choices! very fancy :)

  2. These are some very classy options! My husband is so tricky to shop for, because he always wants hunting or music stuff, which I know nothing about!

  3. Yowzer! You look hot, girl! Love it!



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