Friday, November 2, 2012

Rebel Without A Cause

Jacket: Limited (similar); Sweater, skirt: H&M; Shoes: JC Penney

Do you feel bold when you wear red? I always feel like I'm making some kind of "look at me" statement when I wear anything red. To make this skirt seem less of an attention drawer, I paired it with a chunky cropped cable knit sweater and black tights and wound up looking like the Queen of Hearts in my own casting of an Alice and Wonderland film. I'm really drawn to red and white and black together - they can be such a gorgeous contrast, each color or hue drawing out the other and complimenting it. I think that they can also be harsh or too bold.

I honestly think the little feminine details on the skirt - the tiny, baby, faux peplum and the fabric (it's not shiny but it's satin-y) helped pull it back in from a severe clothing item to a feminine one. And the white sweater didn't hurt either!


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