Saturday, December 1, 2012

Be Merry

Coat: Lilies Boutique; Sweater, pants: Gap; Flats: H&M

We've been totally immersed in Christmas-y activities since Thanksgiving but due to the early fading light (4:20 p.m. sunsets? Are you kidding me?), it has been hard to capture any photos. The outfit photos above, taken with my iPhone, don't display my outfit well but they'll have to do... I bought this neon Gap sweater on black Friday and am loving it. It's soft and a fun bright color for the chilly months. I felt like a lightbulb when we went ice skating. 

After skating around our local holiday rink with Ben and our friends, we had lunch out at a delicious sushi restaurant, followed it up with seasonal cupcakes and then made our way home to cook and decorate gingerbread cookies. We're pretty much set to open presents and call the season good at this point!


  1. I love your tree, I hope that in 2 weeks we will have the time to do it also :).

  2. Super cute pics!


  3. Beautiful pictures, Kelsey! Definitely gets me in the Christmas mood :)


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