Thursday, December 13, 2012

Sparkles and Studs

Blouse: Forever 21; Skirt: LOFT; Tights: Target; Shoes: BCBG via TJ Maxx

Sad blogger confession of the day: I had to take these photos this morning using my camera. On self-timer. On a pile of books because my tripod has gone missing. In my living room. Two minutes before leaving for work. ): Does this show you how desperate the outfit photo-shoots have become? My cat kept meowing at me because of the beeping, flashing camera. My boyfriend kept tossing and turning in bed from the sound of my clacking heels. And I was almost late! But, the bright side is that a) this is actually the outfit I'm wearing today and b) Photoshop is a miracle worker. I was surprisingly pleased with the way my Christmas tree lit up my skirt and showed through the chiffon.

This chiffon-happy outfit is one of my go-to's for days when I don't feel like wearing a pencil skirt or slacks. Chiffon is always flattering, makes me feel like a ballerina, and doesn't need to be ironed (well, maybe it does and I'm just being lazy). I recommend stocking up on chiffon for any time when you're feeling pudgy, weird, or having one of those bad hair days that makes you feel like a troll.


  1. I love this look! And love the skirt on you!!!

  2. Beautiful shoes!

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  3. Great holiday outfit! Love the shoes!


  4. I'm in love with your outifit! :)
    follow each other?! let me know :)

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  5. The back of those shoes are awesome!

  6. That dress is so beautiful! It's perfect for the holidays and I just LOVE it so much! The studded shoes are quite fabulous as well!

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  7. You really look super cute in this one. I'm loving the whole outfit, it suits you really well. I love the sandals too.


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