Saturday, January 19, 2013

Gold Thread

Sweater: H&M (similar); Dress: TJ Maxx; Tights: Target; Shoes: JC Penney

These photos were taken in the "freezing fog" that our weather reports announce every single morning. It has been icy and chilly for a few weeks now with no sight of snow. I think I actually dreamed that it was snowing the other night - but a bunch of wishful thinking that was. We're stuck with low-hanging fog. 

After these photos, we rushed back inside to get warm and are staying put. Ben is now brewing a Ninkasi IPA clone with CP's husband, and we're all drinking a magnum new year's ale from Anchor Brewing. I am thinking about taking a blog design course today from the ladies over at A Beautiful Mess. I am always looking for ways to improve my blogging skills and the look of our blog. I feel like it's leaving something to be desired and I am tired of that darn banner that lacks creativity and style. Here's hoping that the course can change this blog around!


  1. I really like the longer sweater with the shorter skirt. Proportions like that, when pulled off well, make me so happy!

  2. Your eyes looks so pretty in these pictures! ;-)

  3. So pretty! I love your outfit so much :)
    I just posted a new look, I would love if you checked it out :)

  4. You gorgeous girl - so brave to get out there in the freezing fog... that sounds terrible! haha, I have literally never heard of that type of weather!

  5. Loving metallic pops of color this season. Your sweater is subtle but so so cute.


  6. You look stuuuuning in these photos! Your blue eyes really pop against your beautiful skin and pretty hair. I love love love these photos, pure magic ;)


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