Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Mallards on the Pond

Sweater: Macy's; Dress: BCBG (old); Belt: H&M; Boots: Target; Purse: Coach (similar); Bracelet: handmade by CP's mom

Considering that the temps aren't negative... I shouldn't be whining about the weather, but the combination of endless fog, drizzly rain, and temperatures lurking around 37 degrees, I can't help but whine. Even the ducks looked cold in the park when they swam toward us to beg for bread.

My mom sent me this pretty cashmere for Christmas and I just love the color. It goes great with work slacks and a pair of pearls, as well as over dresses for this never-ending chilly season. Cashmere sweaters are one of my favorite wardrobe items for the winter as wool and angora give me the itchies and it's one of the only fancy fabric items I can wear without fear of a prickly rash (besides silk, of course). I do love being cloaked in natural materials and usually get an annual cashmere that I love the heck out of until it's totally destroyed.


  1. Lovely photos! Nice new cashmere sweater...looks cozy. I think we're all getting excited for the end of's been -15 around here ;)


  2. Oh I love this lake - a perfect spot for photos! And your dress as a skirt is sooo pretty

    <3 katherine
    of corgis & cocktails // fawn pendant giveaway

  3. This place seems so peaceful! Amazing cashmere sweater!

  4. I love how you have turned a dress into a skirt!

  5. cute dress!

    xo Jennifer


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