Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Satchel Envy

I have a terrible case of handbag envy. I have had my trusty black Coach purse for about two or three years (though spilling chili in it the other day makes it feel and look a lot older) and I have been stuffing my iPad, phone, makeup bag, lunch from home, and occasionally my wireless keyboard into it on the daily. It should go without saying that my handbag is too small for all of that! I have a few vintage purses from Coach and Dooney and Bourke that are beautiful but are similarly small (cross body bags), and I have some statement purses and a beautiful calfskin clutch... But no satchel in sight. I just need something bigger (then maybe I can carry my entire work desktop computer in it!).

These purses are beautiful and I am drawn to that natural, bittersweet leather that makes purses look so timeless. Time to start planning on a big, brown leather splurge!

1 - Madewell - $198 / 2 - Coach Legacy -  $348 / 3 - Dooney and Bourke - $500 / 4 - Annabell Ingall - $398


  1. I love #4 especially if you’re thinking of putting your computer in it, it'll be so much easier to take in and out. I have a similar (less expensive version that is ) one and I love it but as a suggestion get one with metal rings around where the straps and bag connect if you’re thinking of carrying a lot of things that way your bag doesn’t tear…like mine did :)


  2. That Madwell one is great!

    xo Jennifer

  3. ohhhh, im usually not in love with madewell but i am with that bag!!!

    great find and low price point!

  4. such gorgeous bags!
    satchels are my favourite

  5. That Madewell one is gorgeous and the price is pretty good too!

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  6. I love them all :)



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