Monday, January 21, 2013

Tropic Flowers

Coat: North Face; Sweater, blouse: Gap; Pants (in stores), scarf: H&M; Boots: Target

After spending the entire day yesterday crocheting a rectangle of yarn (which later turned into a diagonal with a squishy, kind of meandering center), Ben and I decided to take a freezing walk through the park to alleviate our eye strain and hand cramps. The freezing fog, as you can tell, hasn't yet lifted and we wandered through the damp, pausing the visit the tropical, heated Seymour botanical conservancy. I've posted photos of it before, but can never get enough of the warm air, flowering orchids, and pretty little species that would keel over if the outside air was let in. In keeping with the Spring-hopeful motif, I wore a neon sweater and pink blouse from Gap. Enough pink and maybe it won't feel like January?

I have today off and am headed out of town on Friday to celebrate Ben and I's four-year anniversary. It should be a happy, short work-week!

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  1. The spider web photo is perfection! Great idea to escape the cold.

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