Saturday, February 23, 2013

Experimental Saturday

We had some delicious coho salmon on Friday night for dinner, so Saturday morning's breakfast was decided upon as soon as we saw that there was left-over salmon on the platter: salmon omelets with chives and sour cream. Ben's cooking always wows me as he basically wings everything - no recipes, no measurement, no instructions (this does make him subpar at baking). That omelet above was as tasty as it was beautiful. We complimented it with piping hot espresso and garnished Bloody Marys. 

I've been dying to get a peek at the Prabal Gurung collection for Target but hadn't made my way into the money-suck that is my favorite big box store. When we finally stopped by today, I wasn't thrilled with the fabrics and patterns up close... but the shoes?! They were a big Spring yes, so I picked up these perfect flats. I've been obsessed with ankle and t-straps lately so these were the total package. 

While at Target I "wandered" into the make-up section to pick up some liquid eyeliner and spring-bright lipstick. I'm often so envious of bloggers that have interesting smoky eyes, bright lipstick, gorgeous hair knotted into buns. I've never been good at doing my hair or make-up. I basically blow-dry my hair every morning, straight, and either bun it up on a bad hair day, or leave it laying flat. I'm the worst at curling irons and I'm absolutely terrible at braiding. Since middle school I've been using eyeliner pencils on the bottom lash line, black mascara a bit of cover-up and lipstick in modest tones.

The most interesting make-up tale I have to tell is of the time when Ben did my smoky eye before a party and I emerged looking like I'd been punched in one eye and the other was covered in white mold. Trying to remove it just made it worse... and red.

I spent a few minutes with Revlon Lustrous bright red lipstick and the Revlon Colorstay gel liquid eyeliner and achieved this somewhat lopsided, shocking lip color look, but I feel pretty invigorated by the hope of better make-up to come. Ben said that I looked like a clown after a few minutes, but perhaps looking like a clown is the first step to not being so predictable and boring.

P.S. I wanted to let you all know that I've crossed over to the bright side and joined Passion Fruit Ads. Check out the sponsor page for more info and let me know if you're interested in swapping some kind of ad space, or just follow the directions if you'd like to purchase an ad.


  1. I love these photos! you look beautiful :)

  2. gorgeous style, adoring your blog miss!
    would love to see you in casper&pearl one day!

    lots of love from the c&p girls,
    casper&pearl blog

  3. Love your photos, you are very beautiful! :)


  4. Love the flats :)xxx

  5. I actually really like that lipstick color! Shame on Ben for calling you a clown. I've been hearing about this Prabal collection at target from every blogger, I'm so tempted to drive over to Target now to see what it is!

    Thanks for sharing your blog :)


  6. I LOVE those Prabal Gurung Target sandals! I'm trying not to shop right now, but I might have to make an exception.... Great blog!


  7. Ohhhhh I love your makeup! I think the eyeliner looks wonderful. Gel liner is definitely my favorite. Salmon omelets sounds interesting, how did it turn out? Have a great Sunday!



    Southern (California) Belle

  8. Lovely photos! You are beautiful! :)

  9. Love your makeup! I really like your blog! Hope you visit mine!

  10. Wow, beautiful photos!

    That lip color is stunning on you!

  11. Lovely sandals!

  12. Oh wow this sounds amazing! I use to go to a place when I lived in Seattle that made something similar, it was a salmon breakfast crepe and was sooooo good. Cute blog. Following on Bloglovin. : )

    Ali of

  13. Your breakfeast looks delicious and I have been eyeing those flats! You did a great job on your make-up, love the colour of the lipstick.


  14. YOUR FRECKLES ARE AMAZING!!!! Obsessed with them.
    Drey -

  15. love the photos - simply beautiful! Alreem xx

  16. I love the lip color on you! And you do such a good job with eyeliner. The Prabal Gurung sandals are creat on you - they were AWFUL on me when I tried them on.

    <3 katherine / of corgis & cocktails
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