Friday, February 1, 2013

Island Sunset

Sweater: H&M; Scarf: c/o a Scarf Obsession giveaway; Pants: Gap (in stores); Shoes: Target

In the dead of Washington's winter, a sunset is basically unheard of. When Ben and I were confronted with this gorgeous sunset on Whidbey (last weekend), we were blown away and strolled along the water front just to take in the quiet sounds, the pretty sights, and the calm water view. It lingered for a while, changing from pastel pinks and blues to a vivid red, pink and purple sunset and the moon even peered out from behind the clouds.

I know this post is a bit late, but our real anniversary, January 31, was last night and we celebrated with a rose colored brut and a cheese platter and stayed up too late just talking and drinking bubbly. Here's to celebrating many a sunset more.


  1. I've been coveting those pants...hopefully they'll go on sale (if they were navy, I would've bought them immediately haha).

    They look great on you!!!


  2. I love your pants! This outfit looks so comfy and stylish! The photo of the sunset over the lake is beautiful! Oh wait, technically it's not a lake but the bay, or is it one of the lakes? Either way it's stunning! Happy anniversary!

  3. Bubbly, cheese, and late night conversation? Sounds like the perfect anniversary :)

    The lighting in these photos is absolutely stunning, and your freckles are gorgeous. Love that scarf with your complexion!

  4. I love the setting, very pretty :)

  5. Ooh, I love this outfit! The pattern mixing is very subtle and beautiful. LOVE those jeans.

  6. Beautiful pictures, that sunset is gorgeous! And cute outfit, I have some anchor pants too that I wear way too often!


  7. That view is so beautiful! I am jealous that you get to look at that everyday.


  8. i WANT YOUR PANTS!!! :*


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