Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Midas Touch

I'm obsessed with black and white for this upcoming spring/summer 2013. My friend had on black velvet skinnies, a black and white graphic striped peplum blouse and a black blazer the other day at work and it looked so sharp that it inspired me to, once again, make a wish-list/mood-board/banish-the-winter-blues post. 

Aren't these items just beautifully clean with pretty metallic detail? Not usually one for flats, I love these simple sandals as I can see them going with anything (dressed up on a warm night or out doing something beachy in shorts). I could never wear the anthro bikini (I need more support, anthro!) but this bow black and white striped top is just beautiful! There are no words for the edgy perfection of the Acne bag and CC Skye cuff, so I'll let them speak (or show) for themselves.

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  1. Lovely picks! I Love those J crew sandals!

    Sita xx


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