Friday, March 29, 2013

Hats Off to You

Top, shoes: Target; Dress: Madewell; Hat: c/o Greenpacha

Sometimes when scrolling through Pinterest I come across great summer style on girls heading to Coachella or Bonnaroo and think that I want to be that skinny, tan girl, with cut-off shorts and a tribal print tee, wearing a hat... Basically, the inner me wants to be a boho, festival-chic Californian that listens to the Lumineers and can't be bothered to get excited about anything. Clearly I am not that because I get really excited about a lot of things, am pale, and don't own any hats. 

But when Greenpacha hats contacted me with an opportunity to try their eco panama tree hat, I realized that it was my opportunity to realize that hidden inner self. Greenpacha was "created to help build a greener and better world through conscious fashion." The weavers and hat finishers at Greenpacha are native to Ecuador (as is the craft) where Greenpacha hopes to keep this tradition alive. Not only are Greenpacha's hats eco conscious, they're beautifully made! Their hats are all perfect and I had a hard time choosing just one - I could see myself doing a giant range of activities in them this summer (festivals! gardening! laying by the beach! strolling in the summer! boating!). 

Please excuse the blatant use of self-timer remote in these photos! I was too excited to share my new festival-chic self and Greenpacha's gorgeous hat, mission, and product line to get Ben out of bed to take these photos. Trust me that you'll be seeing more of this hat! Give Greenpacha a look today and I dare you not to imagine yourself as that girl at the festival we're all dying to be inside.

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  1. Every once in a while I get this crazy phase where I want to go bra-less and run to a music festival. Then I remember that I hate being in crowds like that and suburn within 5 minutes of sun exposure.

    Super cute hat!

  2. The pics are adorable, love the hat!!

  3. Cute hat!

  4. cutee.. i like the way you wear your belt..

  5. LOL - I am also pale and get too excited about things to be one of those girls. You look so comfy and chic, and that hat suits you perfectly!

  6. love how you styled your hat! such a fun springy look :)

    C's Evolution of Style

  7. Cute look! Pinterest is so inspiring this way!

  8. oh you look incredible in this girl, it really, really fits you!

  9. Love this outfit, especially that hat! So cute and perfect for spring!

  10. I love the peek of your kitty in the background :) This hat looks good on you and I think you could even suit a big, floppy hat!

  11. lovely outfit!
    so cute

  12. Work it girl. I'm loving the outfit. Hello wittle Kitty cat butt :) I hope you guys have a wonderful Easter!


  13. This is really pretty look and amazing hat!
    Have a nice weekend!

  14. Hmmm your mention of Bonnaroo and Coachella reminded me that I am indeed attending Lollapalooza in Chicago this summer. It'll be my first outing at one of these shindigs, and crap- I'm definitely going to need a hat! I've been checking out this site's hat and they're great! Thanks so much for sharing! You look fantastic! I might also use your whole outfit as inspiration for the show this summer...


  15. I've been thinking that I need to get a hat as well... and a little darker skin tone.. Looks great!


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