Monday, April 15, 2013

Getting Inspired

This post is going to have little to do with the outfit above featuring a print on print situation, but I'm feeling like writing about something entirely separate, so you'll have to bear with me. 

I graduated from college with a major in creative writing, something I don't really talk about on the blog, as college is over. I'm not writing "creatively" outside of the blog and I'm so swamped with work/blog/life that I don't have time to write anymore. But honestly, that makes me feel sad. Writing has been a passion of mine since I was in the second grade and publishing terrible short stories for my parents as gifts. In middle school and high school I wrote prolific and awful emo poetry, but what else can you write at that age? In college, I wrote poetry every day and published them all online. I think my writing started to get smarter during college, my language fleshed out. I was absolutely flooded with inspiration. It's easy to write when you're spending at least half of the hours in a day learning and you're falling in love rapidly, meeting new people, experiencing heartbreak, developing new world-views and personal philosophies, and experiencing independence for the first time. 

Once I graduated, I spent the first summer after college writing in little moleskine journals I carried around with me on my adventures in Eugene, Oregon and Denver, Colorado. I started a wine blog and wrote somewhat creatively there. And then I got a job. And after spending 8 hours a day in an office chair writing emails to colleagues and learning the ins and outs of a technical system, it just stopped coming to me. Poetry and creative writing slammed to a big old halt. Every once in a while, looking out the apartment windows a tiny piece of poetry comes to mind and flits by, a butterfly I can't catch. I am determined to set aside some time every single day to get back to that one thing I have always felt very good at.

So today I bought a moleskine, again, and ordered some new ink for my fountain pen and I'm committing to myself that I'm going to write a poem a day. I don't care what comes out onto the page, I don't care if it's good enough, makes sense, uses trite metaphors... I just need to get something down onto the page.

Jacket: Limited; Top: Forever 21; Scarf: Subtle Luxury; Skirt: Express; Shoes: TJ Maxx

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  1. First off, love the colors in your blouse it goes great with your all black ensemble. Now, I'm so happy that you're taking the strides to write again. I go through this with screenwriting but whenever I just promise myself to do a little I always get further than I thought. This inspired me because I actually have a short film I need to write. :) So thank you let's tackle this creativity together!


  2. love your jacket :)

  3. You look really beautiful, I love those sandals.

  4. Amazing scarf, so colorful!
    Good luck with writing, I think you will be very successful in this area!

  5. First, I love the top. Second, I really appreciate this post because I feel like I got to know you better. I really love writing but I have never gotten into writing poetry. I saw your instagram and instantly loved it!

  6. There is something about fountain pens and writing, I swear. I wrote in them back in the day too :D I loved creative writing, and now it's something I dunno if I could do again! After a day at work you are right, it's hard for anything creative to come. I love the print mixing going on here - those two are great together.

  7. I love the scarf and the shirt! The prints on them look amazing.


  8. Oh I get what you mean! I used to write and draw all the time, but then work/life happens and it can all go out the window. I recently got back into art again and it feels good. I think writing everyday will be a good thing for you too:) Love the outfit!

  9. Gorgeous pics!! I wish I would've majored in writing or journalism! I absolutely adore writing, hence starting my blog, and would love to freelance if given the opportunity!
    Stopping over from the linkup!

  10. Lovely outfit! Good luck with the writing too :) I studied creative writing as part of my degree and miss having that dedicated time in my uni schedule to write x

  11. Beautiful look on you. You look amazing in your pictures. I love your sandals.

    If you get a sec, check out my latest post 'Trend Obsessed: Black and White'.


  12. in love w/ the pattern of your top and scarf!!

    Sandy a la Mode

  13. Its such a pretty outfit! and your blouse is soo bright and summery! Great photos :)X
    Sofia x

  14. Love this.. keep writing, don't give up.. and the outfit is great too!

  15. So many stylish pictures.

    Have a Lovely evening,


  16. I call definitely identify with this. I graduated this past May and sometimes feel that all my creativity was left in school (especially after a long day of being in an office).
    I would love to start doing one thing a day to express myself. Thank you for the inspiration!

  17. This is such an inspiring post, and your outfit is stunning!

  18. Love all of the pattern here, so cute!

  19. your blause and scarf combo blew me away :D Had to take a picture.'

    shall we follow each other?

    And please do the following:
    Like On Facebook , for photos and sharing opinion. Share the photos you like.

    Subscribe on youtube for DIY and fashion videos. I’ts gonna be a lot of fun :D

  20. I swear I'm in such a similar boat. I was a writing major as well and I wrote all of the time (college definitely allows for that!) It's so hard to force yourself to write creatively at the end of a long workday, even if it is something that you love to do! Thanks so much for the inspiration!
    xx Lexi, Glitter, Inc.

  21. Cute cute cute! Love the shoes especially!

  22. Such cute colors! Perfect with the black.

  23. Loving the color combos in this outfit, the blouse and scarf work perfectly together and mixed with the lace texture of the skirt and the leather jacket it's great!! Thanks for sharing!!

  24. I love the mix of the prints and the touch of the jacket, everything looks perfect!


  25. I understand your plight very well! I too have a degree in writing (mine was screenwriting) and I stopped writing for a very long time, it's as if I had nothing to say. Have no fear though because it does come back. I think it would be wonderful if you included the occasional poem on your blog. I thin you'll find people to be very supportive!

  26. Everything loos amazing on your outfit! I love it!
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  27. Okay I love this outfit and what you said. I'm trying so hard to cultivate my writing, too! We'll see how that goes for both of us!

    Dani Rose
    Sincerely, Dani Rose


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