Saturday, April 6, 2013

Print Making

Cardigan: American Eagle (old); Top, boots (on sale): Target; Pants: H&M; Scarf: SubtleLuxury

I won this gorgeous printed scarf the other day through Leopard and Lilies and got it in the mail yesterday after work. I was wearing a version of this outfit for casual friday (add a blazer and high heels, and subtract the scarf and cardigan) and needed a quick update to my look before going out to a wine bar for dinner and drinks with CP and her husband. It was also absolutely pouring rain, so I needed something more practical than four-inch suede heels. I love when I have something on that can be easily updated for going out, and this scarf's timely arrival added some much needed color to an otherwise dreary day.

CP and I kicked off the weekend with haircuts at our favorite haircut place (bet you can't tell that I cut two inches off in the photos above) and then headed out to a nearby wine bar for dinner, and ended up getting root beer floats at a new shake place down the road. CP's husband and Ben also decided they needed to try Marmite, a bizarre spread for toast from New Zealand, so we also picked up a baguette, some Marmite, and finished our evening with a taste test. Are any of you familiar with Marmite and can anyone explain it to me? I read that it went well with "cottage cheese on crispbreads," which honestly makes me feel a little ill just thinking about it. I think it's so fascinating that we have all of these location-specific food staples that, just by living apart from that location, we might never be able to try. Literally, food for thought.


  1. What a gorgeous scarf! I don't wear them very often but I always am completely obsessed with the pretty prints.

    Your hair looks super cute! I thought I detected a bit of change when I saw your hair.
    P.S. I'll respond to your email soon!

  2. I thought after scrolling down you were going to tell me you made the scarf.

    It's delightful and obviously made by a very talented artist!

    Take Care!


  3. Love your tiffany's bracelet!

  4. The pattern on this scarf is so bohemian and the way it falls is lovely! Your hair looks amazing and this post and pose is stunning! Loving your blog, babe!

    Lauren at adorn la femme

  5. Totally in love with your scarf and you paired it up perfectly!

  6. The scarf is beautiful and is beautiful on you. As for Marmite, I have no idea. Is it like Vegemite? I heard Vegemite was terrible tasting, so I hope Marmite is NOT like Vegemite. ;-)

  7. Congrats on winning the scarf.
    It is beautiful and looks great on you.


  8. I love this scarf on you - the print is very pretty!

    Avec Amber

  9. gorgeous scarf
    lovely outfit

  10. the scarf is super pretty!
    i have just followed your blog
    follow mine if you like it <3
    style frontier

  11. Gorgeous scarf! Wish I won that :P.


  12. Amazing scarf, my dear!!!

    Have a Lovely Day,


  13. aw, your freckles are so darling! i love the scarf too!

    lindsey louise

  14. Yeah I don't really get marmite either but my dad loves it! Ha! Loving your scarf and the daffodils in the background!

  15. Love the patterned scarf!



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