Thursday, May 30, 2013

Join the Hunt

Before I started blogging, I had a stint with tumblr that got out of control. This sounds weird to say "out loud," but I was kinda-sorta tumblr famous and spent a lot of time posting really pretty photos and answering weird questions from tweens. When I graduated, I had less time to hang out online posting images of sad phrases and flickr photos... However, tumblr is an awesome repository for gorgeous images from around the web. I find a lot of tumblr posts leaking through to Pinterest and am consistently frustrated at the lack of credit for many of the style posts that I love to repin. I recently came across a gorgeous pink, v-neck sweater with no credit associated to the style post. There went any hope of copy-catting the outfit.

Cue The Hunt! I have no idea how people can think of such ingenious ideas, but The Hunt is a sleuthing tool that helps you find items around the web that you've been searching for in vain. Obviously for me these are style items, but you can theoretically search for anything - men's accessories, pencil cases, a gorgeous purse, a printed throw pillow, etc. I've seen many a hunter looking for wedding shoes and dresses here as well.

I just made my account a few days ago and was initially skeptical about the entire process being useful to me but discovered what I think it the most ingenious tool of all - the "what I'm looking for" portion of the Hunt. First: you upload a photo of that item you've been looking for (see some I've recently been coveting below), then you determine what you're looking for: is it the same item? the look for less? the item that would pair well with it? You could essentially find great deals, matching pieces, and an entirely new style all care of other hunters on the site.

The other members of the Hunt are all looking for similarly awesome items. Some recent hunts I've seen are for are entire outfits, the way someone styled her bangs, a sleeping bag (shaped like pizza!), and something as generic as a leather jacket in black. You can join any hunts you like and follow other people's progress on hunting for items. It's a great way to snag look-a-like items for all you copycatters out there and a great way to find those unattributed pins in Pinterest you're dying to recreate. Below are some recent popular hunts. You can see that 50-200 people join each hunt to help you find your coveted items! The more the merrier!

I opened a hunt looking for the pretty sunglasses above that I'd seen on Pinterest and within 24 hours, someone found the look for less (like I'd asked). Below are the results, definitely a win!

Sign up for The Hunt here! You won't regret it.

(P.S. To stay up to date with my weekend festivities in lieu of outfit posts, follow me on instagram here! I promise to post more once my family is out of town.)

This post was sponsored by The Hunt. The opinions above are not affected by this sponsorship and are my honest review of the website.


  1. that is awesome!!
    thanks for sharing this :)


  2. This is such a great idea!

  3. This is a brilliant idea, thanks for sharing. I always wish it was me who came up with ideas like this! x

  4. Such in interesting web site! I'll check it out!

  5. Such an awesome idea! I wonder how long it's been going on for without us ever knowing? Either way thanks so much for sharing! :)

  6. This looks like an amazing site!

  7. nice post sweetie!!
    wanna follow each other GFC/bloglovin let me know

    a beautiful maison

  8. This sounds amazing! It could be super helpful to me right now, too, becaues I'm searching for a few specific furniture items for my new house... thanks for sharing!

    Sarah @ Life As Always

  9. Sound is interesting.I will check it out
    Thanks for sharing

  10. This is very cool! I have used it to help me find a pair of Zara heels!

  11. Pretty interesting !
    I think this site will be really greatful


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