Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Problem Areas

Top: H&M (similar splurge, similar save); Shorts: Forever 21 (similar splurgesimilar save); Shoes: Unisa via TJ Maxx (similar 1, similar 2); Scarf: ScarfObsessions

On my slow-carb diet, I've been thinking a lot lately about weight and problem areas. If you hadn't already guessed, my problem area is my least-favorite-spot, constantly-disappointed-in, envious-of-anyone-with-better-ones thighs. I am guessing you're right now thinking "psh, they look just fine." But you, the fashion blog observer/reader/bystander hasn't had to live with these thighs (identified as a problem area in high school) their whole life. And yes, maybe "psh, they look just fine" to everyone else, but to me it's never a "psh, they look just fine" situation. They're behemoths, look-bad-in-jeggings (is that a bad thing?), are worse from the back, don't fit with my body goals, can't look good in mini-skirts, make me need to wear heels for outfit photos, don't lose weight ever, stupid thighs.

But that's the thing about our problem areas, they're our problem areas. I don't think people are walking down the street gasping and staring at the thighs I personally hate. I'm 100% sure they're thinking about their own problem area and hoping I'm not noticing it too! If you hate your hair, I bet someone else thinks it's lovely. I have a colleague with the prettiest hair and lovely, dainty fly-away curls and she's often commenting on how she'd love different hair. Naturally, I'd love some sweet flyaway curls! You may hate your stomach, or the backs of your arms (who doesn't), but it's pretty likely someone else out there hates theirs even more than you do and can't get that off their mind long enough to notice you all that much.

Sometimes I wish I knew all of this in high school when I was wandering around in a hormone cloud making weird decisions about fashion and boys and not trying hard enough in my service club. I would have loved my thighs and flaunted them (they were decidedly less of a problem in high school, I now realize). I'm trying to take that vision and apply it to myself right now. In 20 years, I am going to feel like I wasted a lot of bare-thigh opportunity worrying about disliking my thighs. So here they are, in all their glory, my problem area thighs. I challenge you to do the same - flaunt your problem areas (as long as they're appropriate problem areas!) and see if anyone can even tell that they're your least favorite attribute.

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  1. Cute! I have problem areas as well (as of recently...UGH, guess I need to start hitting the gym!) But no one would ever notice your thighs, you're so right. You're beautiful!

  2. love your freckles. you're so pretty!

    Stop by for a visit,
    xo Lydia from Vintage2Vogue


  3. Hey beautiful! Ahhh, i love it! I love those sandals. I've got a new obsession with gladiator style. Cute little kitty cat too. Hey fluffy! :) I hope you've had a great Tuesday love.

  4. love those flats and those shorts so cute
    xoxo angel

  5. You are gorgeous and your cat is so cute!


  6. I really like this post, you're so right! My skin has always been my biggest problem area...but I'm sure that nobody notices it as much as I think.
    You've inspired me now!
    P.S. I love your shirt :)

  7. My thighs are my problem area as well, but hey, like you said, probably no one is noticing them like we are.

    Thanks for reminding me :)

  8. i love this casual outfit! cute cat!


  9. My problem area is my stomach :/
    Cute kitty and shorts!



  10. it's completely natural for every girl to have some sort of insecurity about themselves, right?

    and i will tell you right now that your thighs look completely fine!

    have you seen the new dove video about self image?
    it's truly inspiring! if you haven't seen it go youtube it right away!

  11. I have a few "problem" areas. But, you look stunning in these photos lady :)

    xo, Nina

  12. you have awesome thighs! x


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  14. Very cute shorts ^__^

    Lots of love, dear ♥♥♥



  15. Love the scalloped hem on the top! I am not a fan of my thighs either lately...your attitude about it is great!

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  16. girl, you are soo pretty! i love your sandals!!

    Sandy a la Mode

  17. I agree. We all have problem areas that other people may not see but to us they are problems. I've noticed more problem areas after having children but I guess that is probably normal. I hope, anyway. I'm trying to accept mine each day though.


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  18. I am loving your sandals! They are gorgeous.


  19. Completely agree. Sometimes I think about my life and it's like 'what a hell was I doing', I mean, I pissed off many friends with constant complaints about my stomach, about my skin, hair, legs and all these other things. It's hard to admit, but I did and with no good reason! I was never a fat kid, nor extremely tiny. I was just normal. But somehow I thought it was wrong to be that way. I just wanted attention, I guess. I got it. But I lost my friends. It wasn't all for that, I believe, but still, they aren't around now.
    So, I think that we are lucky to have embraced the fact that we aren't perfect and don't make first world problem out of this nowadays.We can just live a happy life hoping to all good things to come!
    P.S. your thighs are nice and your kitty is adorable!

  20. Hi! Visiting from WIWW. Firstly, a cat is the best accessory! Secondly, you have gorgeous legs- thighs included! I love that you shared your feelings about them. Yeah, we've all been there. I love the idea of faking it til you make it though. Yeah, confidence makes everyone look better to themselves and others. Why not work on building it? Brilliant! I've gotta start wearing half shirts every now and then! :-)

  21. You look beautiful! I love your scarf :)

  22. You look beautiful! I love your scarf :)

  23. Well, they do look fine to me...but I totally get what you mean...it doesn't really matter what I say about your thighs...it only matters what YOU think about them :) Anyway, love that top and what cute sandals!

    The Other Side of Gray

  24. Great scarf! :) you just messaged me on ifb :) great blog so far!

    marija from www.allthingslady.wordpress.com

  25. so very true!
    i love your kitchen! looks so beautiful!

  26. wonderful look! i love the shorts on you so much and your freckles are sooo cute <3
    lovely greets
    maren anita

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  27. Love your look!! so cute :)

    twitter & instagram : @fashionrlounge

    A chic kiss ;)

  28. Cute outfit and blog!! Now following yoU!

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  29. i think your legs are so long and thin and gorgeous! but i know how you feel, my problem area has always been my stomach and no matter how good everyone says i look, i still see it as imperfect.

  30. I can completely relate - I've always hated my thighs. But, in the end, life is too short to constantly worry about stuff like that. Thanks for this honest and inspiring post!
    xx Sarah

  31. I would have never guessed you would have thought your thighs were a "problem area"--I never really even noticed them about you. I notice your really lovely freckles and dark eyelashes, and your cute nose and pretty lips, and your glowing calves. You're just a lovely looking lady!

    I do believe it's your mindset that you've gotta change, and not yourself. Even if you do lose some weight, you've still gotta learn to love yourself! It's still hard for me to think I'm skinny, yet people tell me I'm pretty small. I'm not saying to not get healthy and go for losing any weight, I'm just saying that you've gotta change your mind in the process, too. Mental power is half the challenge!

  32. You cat is so adorable! I'm obsessed with cats! you look great! love your outfit!


  33. Kudos to you Kelsey for being brave enough to publicly blog about your problem areas. I definitely agree with what you said about just embracing your body and rocking whatever outfits you want to wear, problems and all. I remember the first time I wore a bikini and I was so self conscious in high school, and years later it's like what was I thinking! I looked great and I wish I could have been present enough to embrace my body then instead of being so self conscious. Ah well, you live and you learn right?

  34. Lovely outfit!! You're so pretty!!


  35. Cute Shorts doll, and those roses are breathtaking! Also id love to hear your thoughts on my latest outfit post...


  36. This is something that I need to take to heart---I'm always self-conscious about things that people might never notice. If it doesn't affect them, then I shouldn't even worry about it, right?



  37. So true... these things will suck the ever living life out of us if we let them.. and the person we will be 20 years from now would probably strangle us for not living to the max now and loving ourselves for who we are... because after all we are the example to the girls who will come after us... however, I completely relate... and it's an important reminder to me... Thanks for being real!

  38. The scalloped hem on your top is so cute!


  39. It's always crazy to me the things people dislike about yourself. I feel creepy staring at your thighs now, but I totally don't see it. Look like thighs to me! And you look great in shorts! Love the casual look - it's a gerat summer outfit.


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