Thursday, May 16, 2013

Shoe Envy

Jacket: H&M (similar save, similar splurge); Dress: Gap (similar save, ); Belt: H&M (similar); Shoes: Bandolino; Bracelet: Tiffany & Co (similar save)

I've always been envious of people with awesome shoe collections. When I started this blog I had one pair of black heels for work and a handful of flip flops, a pair of flats, and a few summer sandals from Target. Since blogging my collection has certainly expanded, but I still find myself hunting around in the closet every morning because I don't have the perfect shoe for every outfit. I adore the Bandolino heels above that my Mom handed down to me and needed to wear a low heel with this shirt-dress to work the other day, but didn't have a matching black low-heel and had to settle for these in dark dark brown. This makes me weirdly think that having your shoes dyed to match your suit in the old days was a genius idea! These are clearly small-change problems in the world, but I've always wanted a fantastic shoe collection.

I've seen many online shoe shops on the web and have never taken the plunge into uncharted sizing territory but I think I'm ready. I can never find my size in stores (I am a colossal 10) and by the time the shoes are in a 10, they're ugly left-overs. I was totally fed up with my shoe rack today, so signing up for ShoeDazzle today was a breath of fresh, personalized shoe air (that sounds kinda gross, but new shoe air!). Below are some of my top choices of my personalized ShoeDazzle collection (the chief stylist of ShoeDazzle is Rachel Zoe if you weren't inspired to join already).


 Sign up here! I'm definitely purchasing some tonight with my 20% first order and free shipping What shoes would you buy?

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  1. So cute, great photos!:)


  2. love this jacket and also your blog!
    Pass to my blog, I will be so glad :D

  3. I sincerely enjoyed this post and share your sentiment on shoes, well written dear!

  4. I'm completely in love with your jacket <3


  5. Helle!bonjour!
    So nice outfit!
    I love your dress and the nice look!

  6. I feel your pain- I wear a 10 or even an 11! Whenever I find a great pair of shoes I feel like I have to snag them or I'll never see them in my size again!

  7. Don't worry girl, I'm a size 9 so I know how you feel! Ever since blogging my shoe collection has exploded! I don't know if that's a good thing, but I definitely appreciate shoes a lot more now. Have a great weekend!



    Southern (California) Belle

  8. I have the opposite problem...I wear a size 4 so it's really hard for me to find shoes in store. Happy Friday!

    The Tiny Heart
    Target Giveaway!

  9. I have another different problem: I always can get the shoes I want, I'm a 6/6.5 and this can mean trouble!!
    And I guess..there's no such thing as having an ideal shoe for every outfit. No matter how much shoes you have (and same goes with clothes), you'll always need another pair to match with that certain bla bla bla. :)
    Loved the oufit and the first paur of shoes is perfection (though every single pair is soo cute).

    XO, Sandra @ Blasfemmes

  10. That dress is gorgeous especially the color!


  11. Love the red dress! So pretty :)
    And I like the black and white wedges! I need to expand my shoe collection too even though my boyfriend is always saying that I have more than enough :P

  12. Hello... I love the look... the touch of color of the dress.. very pretty. I found your blog and I'm following it too... if you wish, follow me back at Thanks a lot!

  13. Love this look for work

    Love your blog, now following!

  14. I have bought a pair of red-spiked flats from Shoe Dazzle and they look lovely! A girl can never have enough shoes!!

  15. Very lovely shoes and gorgeous dress!

  16. Hey,
    great outfit. I like the jacket most! :)
    Thanks for your comment. Hope you drop by again.

  17. you look so cute in this dress! and i love shoedazzle

  18. Hi from Friday Faves! I LOVE the way you paired this blazer with that print. It's so cool. I wouldn't have done that but now I want to.

  19. lovely dress! It looks so great on you. I am the same way with shoes. My problem has always been then I don't wear heels very often because I'm already so tall so it can be hard to lots of different and cute flats that don't kill my feet!


  20. I'm like you and a little hesitant to buy shoes online - but I think you can't go wrong with a pair of flats for your first try! Love your dress too!
    Join our $150 dress giveaway!

  21. Absolutely LOVE this ensemble!! The jacket is amazing and those shoes are so cute!

    The Classy Cubicle

  22. Great post! I love your dress!

  23. Hi Kelsey! Thanks so much for your extremely kind comment on my blog, Veloria in velvet. I'm so glad you liked what you saw :). I admit, I've noticed your outfits on Lucky, but hadn't yet had the chance to say I'm so happy that you did!

    I have yet to check out shoedazzle...I'm a huge fan of shoemint :). But with Rachel Zoe on board with shoedazzle, I'm definitely going to be checking them out! Thanks for the recommendation! P.S. you look great in the bright red dress, and I adore the blazer!!

    Veloria in velvet

  24. I love love love your dress! And that blazer ... just perfect. You look gorgeous. :)

    And I can totally relate to not having enough pair of shoes. I used to be the one who had too many pairs to count, but since my move across the nation I have reduced the number to total of 4/5 pair of shoes. I am in search of some comfortable black pumps though ...

    - Sukhi

  25. Lovely dress!!! You have a very nice house!

  26. Lovely dress, loving the colour :)

  27. Gorgeous! That colour suits you so much :)


  28. I have a pair of Shoedazzle shoes! I got a red and blue striped pair that are pretty cute! The first pair I bought I couldn't even walk in - I fell over immediately. I'm a huge shoe person, I have a problematic shoe addiction.


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