Friday, June 7, 2013

Wearing White

Summer is in full swing here in the Northwest with warm days, hot offices, warm apartments, and sunset at 9 p.m. That means my wardrobe is entirely defunct. You can't wear turtlenecks in 79 degree weather... or velvet pants... or long black pencil skirts. 

All I want to do is sit poolside with a watermelon margarita, a summer book, in an all-white outfit featuring some of the lovely options above! There's nothing like a white ensemble that screams summer leisure.It makes me think of country clubs and ladies who lunch and pretty tied up hair-dos and nautical key chain charms. I'm clearly suffering from some kind of "not getting to enjoy my summer as an independently wealthy person" disease right now. Oh well! I guess all I can do is try to snag a white dress and laze around on weekends. What trends are you collecting for the summer?

Speaking of trends, have you had a chance to check out The Hunt yet? If you didn't catch this post, it's a website that allows you to import your pinboard and other images to find an item that's similar, the same, or a look for less etc. I've been going crazy finding lots of pretty summer deals and helping others find items they've been searching for. It's addictive once you start hunting for items for other people! Please note: This is sponsored by the Hunt.


  1. adore that mink pink dress... i have a feeling you'll like the asos shirt i blogged about last monday.


  2. I can't wear white, I'm just to messy and get it dirty almost immediately, LOL.

    I'm LOVING how late it is staying light outside, though!

    Have a fantastic weekend!

    Sarah @ Life As Always


  3. So cute ...I love the white even if I don t wear it all time!
    So cute items!
    Haave a lovely weekend!

  4. Gosh I've been loving white lately! It's so fun...

  5. I love love love all white combos for the summer! It's such a fresh and classy look!

  6. I'm all for wearing white! And that first dress is stunning!!
    xo TJ

  7. I am so in love with that second dress!


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