Thursday, July 18, 2013

Swim Fan

Bikini: ZeroXposur via JC Penney (similar splurge)

I have an awful time buying bikinis. This one above is the last and only one I've purchased in the last three or four years. Every swimsuit shopping trip inevitably ends in tears, frizzy hair, and body hatred. Can someone please invent a female-form-friendly, customizable bikini at the Target price-point? I swear... If any of you ladies have great recommendations for a halter tie bikini top with support, let me know! I have tried every suit style and suit at Target and alas, no luck. The closest I've come to getting a new and cute bikini was a Ralph Lauren at TJ Maxx - but I need mix and match sizes as bottoms and tops need to be different for my body type.

Enough about my swimsuit lament - we have been "enjoying" pouring rain in my hometown and it's about 65 degrees. I didn't bring a jacket to Hawaii, so I have been huddled under a fleece blanket for the last few days. I was thrilled to post this outfit from back when we were at the hotel as it reminded me that on the sunny side of the island, we enjoyed some amazing eighty degree beach weather. Hope you're all having a great summer forecast and can send some sunny rays my way... of course when we headed to Hawaii it would rain, of course!


  1. girl you got an amazing figure! No tears needed,a lot of bikinis will look great on you I think:)

  2. Lands End. I think Sears carries them and I've ordered online and they fit well and hold up. I also got a really good sale (1/2 off) when I ordered around a holiday.

  3. your body shape is gorgeous!! you have a lovely blog <3

  4. great post!! you are very pretty!! love the bikini and the flowers too!! visit my blog too and let me know if you would like to follow each other :)

  5. My favorite bikinis are from Old Navy and Victoria's Secret where you can buy the tops/bottoms separately. That is crazy that it's cold and rainy there...hope the sun comes back out!

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  6. You have such an amazing body,and that bikini is so lovely.

  7. Looking great!
    Love your bikini!

    xo Ally

  8. That swimsuit looks amazing on you!

  9. You should look into Cleo by Panache swimwear, Freya swimwear, and Miss Mandalay swimwear or Curvy Kate swimwear. They are especially made for DD+ cup sizing. They have underwires in all of their styles and definitely offer support! They're a bit more expensive but totally worth it! If you want more suggestions, feel free to check out my full bust blog :)


  10. I hate swimsuit shopping, I lucked out ordering a one piece online a few years ago and I haven't even looked for a new suit yet. I don't plan on it until I absolutely have to either.

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  11. So cute. Love it! I am so glad I found your blog I am your newest follower!

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  12. You look amazing in your bikini girl! I'm loving all of the photos! :)

  13. You look great in your bikini! The beach looks lovely.

    xo erica


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