Friday, July 26, 2013

The Last Breakfast

Top: c/o Kintage; Shorts: Gap; Shoes: Franco Sarto via TJ Maxx (similar); Purse: Coach

These photos mark the last Tacoma blog photos as we're now moved into our Portland apartment. We returned from Hawaii on Monday at about midnight and commenced our final packing, errand-running, cleaning, etc. day on Tuesday. We made some great progress, but it wasn't until we actually picked up the U-Haul on Wednesday that we were able to see the insane amount of work left. Lucky for me, Ben's family came up to help us move and a friend also pitched in, so the heavy lifting, literally, was left to them. I was able to sweep and swiffer and dust and scrub behind them as they carted our life out the door and into one giant truck. There ended up being the inevitable last-minute haphazard boxes and trash bags full of odds and ends, but we made it safely down to Portland without one broken dish. 

I drove our car down to Portland carrying the most important pieces of the move: the crystal, the orchids, kitty, and the laptops. Ben and his brother followed in the U-Haul and Ben's Dad drove his own car down, too. It was actually my first time driving alone on a freeway for that length of time. That must sound weird to everyone here who grew up around freeways, but on the island I grew up on in Hawaii we have two lane roads and I came to college without a car. I actually refused to drive on the freeway alone until this point, so my anxiety attack and I booked it to Portland and there were no hitches or hold ups along the way!

We unpacked the entire truck in less than an hour, returned the U-Haul less than 12 hours after we picked it up in Tacoma and have been unpacking every since. The apartment is shaping up to be quite lovely and we finished the kitchen space yesterday

P.S. How cute is this Kintage blouse? I was so thrilled to receive it as it was dressy, trendy, comfy, and fit perfectly! They've got it in pink too and it's a steal.


  1. love the black and cobalt! stunning! and that chocolate croissant looks divine! love those!

  2. love the outfit especially the shorts! :)


  3. I love this outfit, it's perfect!

    And congrats on the smooth move. I always hate moving. Mostly the cleaning bit. Next time I'm hiring someone to do it for me.

    Fashion and Happy Things

  4. That's so exciting! We move into our apartment in downtown Portland two weeks from tomorrow--I can't wait!

  5. that chevron printed blouse is killer :) great post!


  6. Great post. fashion styles, like me back fashion blog

  7. You look positively stunning. Love your shorts!

    Xo, Hannah

  8. This outfit is SO classy, but also fun. I love the patterned shirt with the adorable cobalt shorts, and the shoes add the perfect touch of elegance


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