Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Cat Call + Kate Spade Giveaway

Top: H&M; Skirt: Nordstrom Rack  - in stores (similar save, similar spend); Heels: c/o Lulu*s; Necklace: Stella and Dot

I walk to and from work, through the city and waterfront, each day and I walk around the city during the day for lunch, coffee, and office errands. Portland is a pretty clean and safe city, and I love walking - it's so nice to move your legs at the end of a very sedentary day. But the city streets are beginning to get to me. But I suppose it's not the streets, it's the men on the streets. And I'm starting to feel less comfortable and more agitated when I am walking. Definitely not the point of having a brisk walk to work in the morning.

The concept of cat calls never really bothered me - they've always seemed relatively harmless and sporadic. My friends and I in high school and early college used to laugh about them and, for a second, feel affirmed that we weren't as undesirable as our lack of dates would suggest. Maybe it's something about it happening every single day, in a very up close and personal way, that's making me feel so uncomfortable. 

Today I was followed down the block by a man that wouldn't stop talking to me about my legs. While it's nice to know that my legs (which need a shave, actually) are showstoppers to somebody, there's something very invasive about that kind of tailgating behavior. I don't feel safe being followed. I really don't want to talk to a stranger on city street about my body. And I don't think it serves any purpose, but to make me feel out of control and scared. It's also really hard to deter that kind of attention if you don't have free reign to just mace anyone that approaches you. But perhaps that's the point? To make me feel visibly uncomfortable... I can't quite figure it out - I'm not a creepy street guy following ladies around.

Do you guys live in cities or commute to work and deal with this stuff on a daily basis? What's your approach to not feeling grimy and creeped out at the end of the day? I'm sure you've all encountered it in some way - this kind of behavior is a very unfair and unfortunate side effect of being female. Your thoughts on the subject are very much appreciated. 

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  1. omg that sounds horribly scary - that really is too bad that you are feeling uncomfortable going for a brisk walk. I drive to and from our office and come to think of it I don't really walk around town at all. When that did happen to me during college I would just flip them off and keep on walking. They really require no thought. But if you're being followed I would call the police.

    You look lovely by the way - I'm in love with that top!!


  2. Oh I deal with this quite often. Living right in a city area, I run frequently around my neighborhood; although I try to pick a route devoid of looters it never fails. Someone is always "hey honey"ing at me. I just try to ignore it, it's not really ever going to go away. Those people were not taught that that is not how you treat a woman, clearly. Sometimes I flash a "no way in hell" kind of look though, just so see there reaction. :) Get some pepper spray, or keep your keys in your hand.

    xo, Nina

  3. Love your blog and this outfit is amazing
    Will you like to follow back

  4. fab fab skirt and awesome giveaway!

    XO Meghan

  5. loving those shoes on you - I have a very similar pair that are the most comfortable and pretty pumps ever!!! and sorry to hear about the creepy guy - I totally would feel the same way!

    The Casual Classic

  6. I deal with this almost daily in downtown Seattle... and most frequently from mentally ill street people, which can get kind of scary.

    Great giveaway... I love Found Love, Now What!

    Sarah @ Life As Always

  7. Yes! all the time in NYC...probably the worst place for that and it can get pretty scary sometimes so I definitley feel for you.

    love the skirt on you though!


  8. Your freckles are beautiful and so cute!! So jealous.

    Em x

  9. Loving that pencil skirt! It looks great on you!

    xo, Delightful Sunflower

  10. All (fantastic) giveaways aside, you have a lovely blog and I'm excited to follow along!

    I totally feel uncomfortable when that happens. It's impossible for me to not feel awkward and say "Uhh...thanks?" Although I never get mega-compliments on my legs because they're pretty short ;)

    perfectly priya

  11. New to your blog and love it!!!! You are stunnig!

    I Pink i Love You

  12. Hmmm, that's really an uncomfortable situation to be in, huh? I'd feel the same. Right now, catcalls seem to be that sort of ego boost needed every now and then (lack of dates indeed call for some ego boots, hahaha!). I can see how that'd be a nerve-wracking situation to be in daily though :/
    On a brighter note, this skirt is gorgeous! I love the tuxedo stripe going down the side

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  13. love the skirt and pumps!! the necklace is very pretty!!

  14. Love this look on you.


  15. You are simply stunning glad I found your blog. :)

  16. Ooh that necklace is so cute! I love the brightness it adds to the outfit!

  17. Living in a college town, this happens way more often than I would like. I always get caught off-guard too and never know how to handle the situation so I definitely feel your pain! You do look gorgeous though!

  18. it's unfortunate that you had to deal with this creepy tailgater. i've definitely been in that position and it is NOT FUN. i guess the only thing we can do is assess the situation and either GET OUT/AWAY as soon as possible or CONFRONT the culprit and tell them that they are being INAPPROPRIATE. thanks for sharing your story, it does help to be reminded that as women, we are not alone when it comes to these situations.

  19. I actually came on here to post a comment on your beautiful outfit, which by the way is just perfect on you! All the colors go so well together. But I am sad to hear what you have been dealing with on the daily basis. I don't really know how to deal with such stuff, other than not make an eye contact with anyone when walking or acknowledge anyone's comments .. Unfortunately, I had to learn the hard way to not smile at random guys in the city. For some reason a smile = "feel free to follow me" to them. I wish I had a solution, but I really don't. :(

    - Sukhi


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