Saturday, October 12, 2013

Autumn Bounty

Men's sweater, printed top: Gap; Pants: Paige Denim (dark wash, on sale); Boots: Target; Necklace: c/o GroopDealz

There's something about the bounty of farmer's markets that makes me feel like the world is rich and full and endlessly cook-able. I want to buy squash and beans and peas and bright eggplant and make dish upon dish, even if I don't really like squash, or beans, or peas, or bright eggplant in anything and I cook once or twice a month.

This weekend we walked through the insanely gorgeous fall foliage of downtown Portland (I was gushing, stopping every second to admire the rain of red and yellow leaves) to the farmer's market. In between being moved to tears by the leaves, I was collecting produce in my reusable bag - purple peppers and red onions, trying gala apples and the last of the giant, juicy peaches. We tasted hard ciders in the chilly morning air and shared a chocolate croissant from a local bakery.

Sometimes I am very moved by simple things in life - sharing a morning with someone you love, seeing your breath on the air, the bounty of a harvest, the colors of leaves, the way weather rolls in across the water. I don't know if other people are so carried away, but I would guess that anyone with a creative flare (photographers, writers, bloggers, artists) has similar feelings about the world.

We live in a beautiful place, don't we?


  1. love that sweater..

  2. Love your blog writing, and the photography is amazing!

  3. Nice post! :) Love the sweater. :)

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  4. oh wow, die kette ist ja bildschön! und genau diese blätterfarbspiele lieben wir auch am herbst!!!
    liebst die twinnis

  5. love the color of your sweater!:) lovely pictures!♥

  6. wow! the leaves there are gorgeous! LOVE LOVE x

    Natalie Off Duty

  7. great photos!

    following you now, follow me back maybe?

  8. love your necklace!!! is it from brina box?

  9. You have beautiful photos on your blog, golden autumn!

  10. Gorgeous! Love a farmers market too... something so perfect about it....


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