Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Rivers and Roads

This morning I walked in to work walking alongside the most beautiful sunrise over the river. The bicyclists were pulled over, joggers stopped on the beach, speed-walkers halted with their phones out. In person, this crimson sky was more breathtaking than you can imagine. I couldn't help but take some photos as I walked and was almost late for work with my frequent snapping.

It's supposed to be our last day of amazing Oregon weather and naturally tomorrow, when I need to run work errands all over town, the rain is supposed to set in. So much for November sunrises, but thank goodness for yesterday's view.

After work I went out with Jane, the gorgeous foodie and lifestyle blogger at In the Pink and Green, to a place that we both hadn't been - the hipster Vietnamese joint with fun cocktails, Luc Lac. We beat the lines and crowds by going on a weekday at 5 and ordered a bunch of the happy hour $2 plates (can't beat it) and cocktails. I ordered a Rose All Day cocktail composed of lychee, roses, Chandon rose, and vodka. My second cocktail was an on-tap roasted coconut water, rum, and lime soda. I can't speak highly enough of the vibe, prices, cocktail weirdness, and food. But I'm a huge fan of Vietnamese and cannot wait to return for some rainy-day pho with Ben.

I never really had a group that I belonged to in a global sense (societies, or sororities, or hobbies). Bloggers are the first group that I feel like I actually belong to and can connect with. Wherever I go, there's a community there, of fun-loving people that are interested in networking, connecting, and going out! It's a fantastic support system in a newer city and I'm so happy every time I am able to do something new.


  1. WOW! your photos are so lovely! I adore them so so much :D
    hope you can drop by my blog too :)


  2. Sounds like a blast and I'm loving that view on your way to work. You are so lucky you can walk in through such scenery!!
    I wish there were more local bloggers near me!

    xo, Nina

  3. Wow, that sunrise is absolutely stunning! I've never tried Vietnamese food but your photos above look and sound lovely. x

  4. Wow, amazing sunrise - the food looks delicious, but that sunrise really steals the spotlight!

    jess | Quaintrelle

  5. Holy heaven!! These shots don't even look real. Gorgeous! And yay for bloggy dates!! :)

  6. WOW beautiful pictures.

    Happy Halloween!

  7. Wow what a stunning sunset. That food looks delish! xx Jess

  8. Oh those cocktails sound amazing!!!

  9. Amazing pics!!


  10. Wow those are some beautiful pictures and the food looks incredible.



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