Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Top: rental c/o Le Tote; Skirt: LOFT; Jacket: The Limited (similar); Scarf: H&M (similar); Shoes: c/o Chippmunk via Asos

Ben invited me to ride up to OHSU with him on the aerial tram to walk around campus the other night and we used it as an opportunity to get touristy and take sunset tram photos amongst the doctors discussing lab results and harrowed looking med students. I am terribly afraid of heights and did not have a great time on the tram on the way up. In fact, it hangs from a cable that droops in the center meaning it swings back and forth in a really upsetting way as it jettisons into the sky. No thanks, sir!

The tram delivers people from the Southwest waterfront area downtown, all the way up Marquam Hill, and provides the most gorgeous downtown views, despite the terror. We got to watch the sunset over Mount Hood and took a peek at St. Helens in the distance. It was entirely gorgeous with the fall leaves brightly populating the residential areas below.

To be honest, I spent the entire trip whining about wanting a chocolate cookie and feeling nauseous from the tram ride... that is until I saw someone leaving surgery in the hospital with a catheter draining fluids and barf bag and became entirely intrigued with all things medical and quit whining. The medical world worries and completely captivates me. Lucky I have a central line to it living in my house!


  1. How fun! I've yet to take a tram ride, but it looks like fun. Though, I do get motion sickness so I'm a little hesitant now....maybe some dramamine pre-ride. I have to say, you do such a great job at capturing highlights of the city - sometimes I see things here on the blog that I've never noticed before. So thank you for revealing parts of my city to me. ;)

    You look super cute - love you bundled up in that lovely scarf.

    Merch Maven

  2. Oooh this has been on my list of Portland to-dos since moving here and I still haven't done it! It looks like such a perfect time to do it with the beautiful changing leaves, so I need to go check it out ASAP! Also, my schedule has been crazy lately but I'm free next week if you want to get together! :)

  3. Very cute outfit and entertaining post, I love the concept of virtual travelling on blogs, and some great writing, keep it up!

  4. how can i dont like your outfit, thats really adorable xx

  5. wow.. sounds a bit scary.. am scared of heights too!
    I am looking at your pics and wishing we had autumn in my part of the world.. the colors just look so lovely!

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  6. That is so neat! I didn't even realize Portland had a tram like that...I definitely want to go back, now!

  7. Wow- this looks awsome! My boyfriend is in the middle of his residency and it's fascinating to hear the stories he comes home with.

  8. I would've been terrified to go on the tram too so I don't blame you! The views are beautiful though!

    The Tiny Heart

  9. Um, yes to everything that is happening in this outfit. NO to riding the tram!

  10. I like this place and yuor shirt >:)

  11. The background in these pictutres is beautiful. SUCH perfect fall colors! I had no idea a tram like that even existed. I hope you treated yourself to a cookie at the end of hte night ;)

  12. I love that tree behind you, such a beautiful colors, and you in black and white, gorgeous!

  13. Such an amazing outfit, dear! Nice white scarf!

  14. Oh how fun! Love the jacket!

  15. Love that leather jacket for fall... I have been searching high and low for the perfect one!

    Sarah @ Life As Always

  16. Loving this look, the tied scarf and skater skirt are adorbs!! You look amazing :)

    xo, Nina

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  18. Oh my goodness! How gorgeous! Definitely adding this to the list for must-dos on the next Portland trip!!


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