Saturday, November 2, 2013


Cardigan, top, jeans: Gap; Purse: c/o Emilie M Handbags; Shoes: Asos c/o Chippmunk (similar savesimilar splurge)

I've been in an all-Gap uniform for the past few days. These new jeans are basically not coming off - they're so fantastic fitting that I've been wearing them in the evenings too (that's usually a comfy-pants only zone). They have been perfect for all of our recent outings - Saturday drinks, a delicious happy hour dinner at Luc Lac, casual Fridays at work, shopping for Christmas gifts in the rainy city. 

But the cardigan is what I want to tell you about today. I have been DREAMING about this cardigan. Literally. Last night I dreamt that I accidentally shrunk it. I discovered it last week at the Gap and basically it had to be mine. It feels like it's made of a bunny. A warm, warm bunny. Once my November family and friends coupon kicked in, and after my dreams about it, I snatched the cardigan today and refuse to ever take it off. I mean it folks. Commence weeks of outfit photos featuring me napping in this snuggly piece.

Another fun new wardrobe addition is this pretty ostrich (and naturally navy) purse care of Emilie M. handbags. I'm loving the pretty new shape and color as my current purse has been in service for the past few years and is feeling a bit rough around the edges. Emilie M is offering some awesome holiday sales on all handbags, offering a sweet accessories deal with every purse. If you purchase one of their styles you can pick up the essentials box, complete with umbrella, wallet, scarf, key ring, and cosmetic case for only $25 (a $155 value). Be sure to check out the shop!


  1. Love the photography and scenery on your blog!

  2. Loving this cozy look - I'm into that lately as well.

    xo, Nina

  3. This look is really really pretty, I loooooove the cardigan and you look so gorgeous!

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  4. That sweater looks AMAZINGLY cozy. So cute!

  5. you look stunning in these photos! your eyes really light up and are pretty! love your fun sweater and awesome textured leather bag!

  6. You look like you are surrounded by a big, soft blanket! So gorgeous Kelsey!

  7. This looks so cute and comfy at the same time!

    xo Amy

  8. love this sweater - so cozy!


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