Saturday, December 21, 2013

Branch Out + Jewelry Giveaway

Jacket: The Limited; Cardigan: Banana Republic (similar); Top: c/o Aeropostale; Pants: H&M; Heels: BCBG; Purse: GiGi New York; Necklace: c/o Blue Nile

Things have been insane around here with Ben taking some huge exams (it feels like we haven't seen each other in ages), my work holiday party last night (and the post-party recovery today), and the upcoming plans to move apartments (down a few doors to a unit with a garage).

Most people are able to compartmentalize their stress in some way or another. Home stress belongs in one bucket, work in another, and as long as they don't all convene, we're ok! But there always comes a time when the anxiety cup runneth over and anxiety and stress floods into everything we're experiencing. I had too much going on last week and by yesterday mid-day I wanted to go home, put a blanket over my head and just sleep for the rest of eternity. I couldn't handle the excitement/nerves/pre-holiday rush/party planning/everything going on in my life.

 So that's why I've been a bit MIA, but I am back! And I am on vacation for the next week to celebrate the holidays with Ben and his family. Commence an insane amount of joy about the week of freedom I am facing. No waking up early, no stress, just pure happy. So to celebrate, I'm going to give away a sterling silver branch necklace from Blue Nile! I'm absolutely in love with mine (so dainty!) and Blue Nile was kind enough to give me another necklace to give to a reader. If a giveaway isn't enough and you're in a pre-holiday shopping mood, please use this discount code for 10% off your order: BNHH10.


  1. I don't know what is worse.. moving or moving a short distance. I am just sooo dreading moving so I feel for you girl! And you just made it all cute and adorable!

  2. Adorable outfit.
    That necklace is way too cute!!


  3. Awesome dressing & jewelry. Looking Adorable!!
    Ladies jewelry

  4. Simple, yet chic pieces. This look is on target. Fantastic giveaway. Thank you for the opportunity to win such a timeless necklace.
    Barbara @

  5. Love the red and stripes!! You look fabulous!

  6. I can't believe you are moving again! I feel like you just moved but at least you will have a garage now. Take some time for yourself over the next few days and enjoy the holidays/your mini vacay. Don't stress too much--you still look super stylish!

    xo Amy

  7. Love the layering. That little necklace is so pretty, Will be visiting your blog from now on!

    xx Cissy


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