Sunday, December 15, 2013

Gift Guide: Your Amazing Mom

Mom gift guide

Clockwise: Slider necklace / Modern wood tapers / Secret Garden calendar / Armitage cuff / Pressed taner bangle / Plush poms throw / Pebble bud vase

My Mom is simultaneously the hardest and easiest person to shop for. I know exactly what to get her and yet it's always out of my price range. Since she wears the same size as me and has just about the same taste, it can be easy to wander into a store, think "I like that" and get it for her. But just like my Mom, I have really expensive taste. Taste beyond my means...

Moms are also difficult to shop for because they're the people that go through the entire year getting things for others like care packages, or little surprise gifts. They're often the dish washers and the cooks and bakers, they're the jam makers and the bed straighteners, they're the only people you can call more than four times a day without getting a heavy sigh on the other line. And if you're as lucky as I am, they're a best friend.

I think that it's because my Mom always wants something practical for Christmas that I always swing in the opposite direction with dainty jewelry that's anything but practical, or a home decor item like a little vase or a beautifully illustrated kitchen calendar. I try to think: what would be a) beautiful and b) totally unnecessary? I think it's a good place to start when shopping for a Mom.

Hope you enjoy this kinda-sorta last weekend left to shop for people (unless you're a day before Christmas kind of shopper). Some of the items above can be found on sale like the candlesticks from West Elm and some need to be ordered so get on it quick!


  1. Those bangles are beautiful! I can totally relate.. My mom is probably the easiest to shop for, but her Clinique/ Chanel and other expensive beauty products.. are just that expensive!
    ♥Dalia | The Introverted Brunette

  2. I think my mum would love that necklace <3 Really great blog, I have just discovered it, and you have amazing writing style. Hope you come and check out mine too, I just started posting few festive looks, maybe you will like it! I follow you <3

  3. The BR necklace is gorge! I have it and it's even more pretty in person :)

  4. Such beautiful ideas! The necklace is the prettiest!


  5. Great ideas! May be I would add some make up products or perfumes, but your ideas is definitely good to start shopping with! Share your gift ideas at our Christmas contest to enter and win $100 for holiday shopping. (Your entry goes with link to your blog and other social media profiles you'd like to add, and you can use your affiliate and sponsored links as well)


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