Friday, December 27, 2013

The Fog

Cardigan, sweater, jeans: Gap; Necklace: c/o Blue Nile; Boots: c/o Aeropostale

I am back home, sitting on my couch in new moccasins, new pajama pants, a new tank, underneath my new Pendleton merino wool throw, and Ben is in the kitchen making homemade tortillas with his brand new tortilla press. All is right with the world. 

I've finally reached that point in my life where I really feel like my home is my apartment with Ben (wherever that may be). It's no longer where I grew up. This is our space, our place, and where I am most relaxed and comfortable. While you're in college, the dorm rooms and various apartments or house-shares always felt like less-than home and coming home was joyous. It felt right to fall asleep in your old bed, or drive your old car, or sit in your old spot in the living room. 

I'm guessing that starts to feel foreign once you've started to build your own life, you stop moving as frequently, and you live in a place you truly love. Coming home tonight was so perfect. I turned on all of the sparkling lights, lit my pine candle and cuddled up with my sleepy traveling kitten on the couch.

Oh, to love your life.


  1. Oh I love the fog; it's perfect for taking pictures. ;) That cardi is fantastic... perfect for that kind of day!


    Artsy Abroad //

  2. You make fog look STUNNING! Girl, you and Ben are just amazing together.

  3. Your sweater is such a pretty shade of blue!

    Brooke du jour

  4. great pictures...
    home is where your heart is and its true when you are all settled in then that is home.

    have a great day

  5. Love this look, it looks so cozy and perfect for that foggy day. I love when a place feels like home, my new place is starting to feel like that too!

    xo, Nina

  6. This necklace is gorgeous, the color of this sweater is glorious, and I love the zippers on the boots!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  7. I love taking pictures in fog, and these ones are super cool! Great location.

  8. sounds so cozy and warm.. i absolutely love my home and love being here with my hubby... <33

  9. love these photos! i totally know the feeling you're talking about -- although i've felt that way about a few places since i've moved out of my parent's house when i was 18. it's nice to finally feel comfortable in your own space.



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