Monday, December 30, 2013

Year in Review

I absolutely loved Jane's Year In Review post and in addition to tomorrow's outfit review post, I wanted to create one of my own to document the year! So here's to the end of 2013, the year that held some good, some bad, and some big moments!

  In January, we...

In February, we...

In March, we... 

In April, we...

In May, we...

 In June, we...

In July, we...

 In August, we..

 In September, we...

In October, we...

In November, we...

In December, we... 


  1. Nice post. It must be so fun to review all the good and the not so good that happened during the year. That is the beauty of blogging, lots of memories are kept on these little blogs of ours.

  2. Oh my gosh, such a lovely post, it must be so much fun to look back at all of it - so cool you've got it written down!

  3. Aww, what a great Year in Review! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Such a sweet year you have had.
    Thanks for resharing!
    Happy New Year!

    The Retail Therapist

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  6. so beautiful! you both look good together, e Just found your blog! love how you play with your styles. happy new year! follow each other? already following you on GFC

  7. Thanks so much for this great recap! I just started following you not too long ago, so it was great to learn a little more about you and what I missed! Hope you have a great New Year!

    (I just launched my fashion blog and currently have a giveaway offering $250 worth of credits for a Facebook campaign/advertisement that can be used towards your blog or business!)

  8. Beautiful post! love you look <3

  9. AWWW the pic with you and that cat...SO CUTEE :) love your blog and I wish you a Happy 2014.

    Check out my new post...a DIVINE red wine sauce :)

    LOVE Maria at inredningsvis - Swedish decor, food, and fashion


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