Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Zoo Lights

Ben and I met during during the second week in December 2008 at the Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium's annual Zoo Lights. In the evenings many zoos light up their entire park with LED lights and open to the public for chilly walks amongst the darkened zoo and giant scenes of light. There's also always delicious hot cocoa. It was the first snow of the year and though we both ran in very different circles (Science majors never meet English majors), we both showed up to a mutual friends house to take a break from the dreary season, finals week, and I from a recent break-up, to enjoy the lights. 

I think six or seven of us piled into two cars to visit the zoo and I (very strategically) ended up in the one he was in. We didn't talk much at the actual zoo but later he pelted me with snowballs until I had bruises and was so cold, I was forced back home to my empty dorm room to sleep. 

Except I was too excited to sleep. I got back inside and looking out at the snow covered campus, I got back out of bed, put my layers back on, and walked campus just to take photos of the beautiful scene in front of me. I was full of butterflies.

We ran into each other once before heading home for the holidays, outside of the library, and I think we exchanged phone numbers over the winter break. I told my mom that I'd met the next person I was going to date and though she told me I needed to take a break, he was too cute to pass up. We finally got together two weeks after we returned from the winter holiday, on January 31st.

Every single year we make it back to Zoo Lights to enjoy our "meetiversary" (this one is the sixth Zoo Lights trip, but at the Oregon Zoo this time!) and remember that first snowy night spent together at a zoo.


  1. Awww, I think its amazing that is where you guys first met. How are they Oregon Zoo ones? We have been meaning to go for years, but still haven't. :( We did do the Raceway one, which was amazing and we should do it again.

  2. these photos! so cute. what a great idea also!


  3. Seriously the cutest story ever and what a gorgeous scene! I love these pics, looks so fun!

    xo, Nina

  4. Thanks for sharing these pictures.


  5. This is so adorable, I love that's how you guys met and are keeping that as a tradition. So sweet :) Also, I wanted to go to the Zoo Lights this year but I'm running out of time before our trip! Gahhh.

  6. That is such a cute story and I love that you guys go back to that place every year. So jealous you guys are getting snow too!

    Indulgera Blog

  7. this story is too cute and the zoolights always make me happy

  8. What a lovely story! It's as if they light up the zoo just for the two of you!

  9. Perfect place to get in the christmas-mood!

  10. Lovely photos! I like all those colorful lights. You have a nice blog, let me know if you want to follow each other to stay in touch. I'll follow right back. Have a great day & Happy Holidays !

  11. Fabbbulous lights! WOWOW! Such gorgeous colour! Such awesome pics! LOVE!
    xoBeckerman Girls

  12. such a gorgeous display, and what a sweet story :)


  13. Aw, you cuties! That is the sweetest story. When you know, you know!


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