Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Days in Fuchsia

 Sweater: Repeat; Skirt: Nordstrom Rack (similar); Diamond Bangle: c/o Anjolee; Heels: BCBG (similar)

Winter gets really wet in the Northwest as it fades into spring and we see endless days of 42 degrees with a drizzle. In the midst of all the doom, gloom, puddles, and umbrellas, I get really tired of my sweaters. Tired of wearing grey and black. Tired of tights. And naturally once summer is in full swing, I am begging to get them back on and snuggle up in something that covers my white arms and keeps me toasty. A brand new cashmere sweater, however, is nothing to complain about, no matter the season. And I haven't been taking this one off in all its fuchsia glory. It's from REPEAT, and it's as warm and as soft as can be.

On that wintry and sweatery note, I did go shopping this weekend with my friends who were in town and was finally able to add a few spring pieces to my wardrobe. A drapey blouse in pink and grey stripes, a pale blue and white striped button down that makes me think of the beach and white shorts, and a very lightweight long-sleeve that also has me thinking of a beachy top for evenings near the shore.

Why the beach on the brain? We're having our wedding in Hawaii! It's where I am from, makes our event a destination wedding (perfect for a small group), and allows us to have a pre-wedding-honeymoon/vacation rolled into one big trip and one expense. Without a lot of time for us to celebrate with med school being so demanding and devoid of breaks, we're taking the freebies where we can get them! And so, even though it's a year away, I am getting totally wrapped around the idea of getting to the beach and wearing some lovely white button downs and pretty shorts to wear before the big event.


  1. Love the green print and pink top combination.

  2. You look gorgeous. A huge congrats on the engagement, I've noticed that since it happened you have been smiling more in blog photos. Keep up the smiles!

    xo, Maddy

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  4. Aw!! I'm so happy for you! We are still in the process of picking a venue so deciding on a destination wedding is a huge step! I can't wait to see picture :) Hawii will certainly be beautiful!

    x. Sabrina | Simply Sabrina

  5. You look amazing but I have to comment on your destination wedding! That is so exciting and I am sure it will be utterly beautiful!



  6. This color is so beautiful on you--- goes great with your skin tones and hair!!!

    A destination wedding is the way to go--- although I may be biased, because that is what we did. Honestly though, 4 1/2 years later and our small group of attendees (18 in total) STILL say it was the best vacation and wedding they've ever been to (and without any prompting on my part!). CONGRATS!

  7. Um. YES to you wearing this color more often! Frigging love it!

  8. Hawaii sounds amazingggg right about now. Your fuschia sweater is so pretty. I absolutely love the skirt you paired it with!

  9. I had a destination wedding in Jamaica and I it was amazing. Hawaii will be a beautiful destination and backdrop... Congrats!
    the way to my Hart

  10. eee that's so exciting! hawaii is the perfect location, especially since it's your home :)


  11. Looking gorgeous in pink! Love your sweater!

    Stay in touch with me on BLOGLOVIN


  12. Oh I've been dreaming of Hawaii for like a while now.. husband and I vacationed on the Big Island for like 2 weeks of heaven! That was almost 2 years ago and I still miss it!! Love the skirt you chose.. very classy!

  13. Gorgeous hue of pink! Love it!

    xo, Kenya

  14. oh a beach wedding sounds so magically! I wish you the best in planning for the big day!

    Colour Me Classic

  15. I'm sure your wedding will be beautiful in Hawaii. Love this chic outfit!


  16. Love this color on you...and the shirt you layered under it is adorable!

  17. Hawaii sounds amazing!!

    You look great in this color and I love the skirt too!

    xo Amy


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