Saturday, February 15, 2014

Tee Time

One of Ben's wardrobe staples is simple and supersoft tees. They do quadruple duty as undershirts, lazy day shirts, sleep shirts, and even key elements in layered outfits. We first started purchasing them when he started working and needed something warm and soft to go under button downs and have now amassed a ridiculous collection. This is in part due to me stealing them for lazy days and them getting so much use between the two of us that they disintegrate pretty quickly. 

We recently received some Hanes Comfortblend t-shirts (so soft I am stealing them immediately) and wanted to feature some different ways to style them as part of your everyday guy's wardrobe. Also want to give Ben some credit for heading outside in the (obviously) pouring rain to style these shirts!

These three looks highlight some semi-casual ways to wear tees. The first look is great for a grocery shopping Saturday out in the rain (go figure). It's super slouchy and comfy, not too heavy for a muggy Northwest day. The second, my favorite, just goes to show that a tee can be paired with dressy pieces (a sportcoat and slacks) to become a perfect date night outfit. The third is something Ben would probably wear up to school - easy and warm but with a pop of color that makes things a bit more interesting.

What are ways that you like to help your guy get stylish with some basic wardrobe pieces?

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


  1. Great looks. My husband dresses mostly in basic tees and then adds a coat, jacket or hoodie depending on the weather. Love the color on those tees.

  2. I am really impressed that Ben actually agreed to do this, that's love :) The outfits look great!

  3. Love the blazer and T look! I pick up style inspiration from guys too, this was great.



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