Sunday, March 23, 2014

On Feeling Beautiful

Dress: Calvin Klein c/o Zappos; Heels: Nine West c/o Zappos; Bracelet: Kate Spade c/o Zappos; Clutch: GiGi New York

I can't pinpoint when I am going to feel beautiful. There are some days when even my favorite shirt doesn't seem to make a difference on a "bad face day," and some days when a least favorite skirt can still make me feel like a million bucks. It seems to be totally up to the universe and those evil gods that give us bad hair days.

But there are some pieces in my closet, and on the rack, that I can usually predict will make me feel gorgeous. This dress and these heels are two such pieces. I think that crisp white has some magical effect on just about everyone. It makes me feel like a daffodil emerging into the March sunlight - open, alive, and smiling. 

Crisp white and tailored lines also makes me feel like Claire Underwood. Powerful and ready to pass some kind of special interest bill through senate with my perfect hair and body. For other House of Cards fans out there, feeling like Claire Underwood in body (if not in spirit) is probably the most fabulous feeling ever. 

Add a caged heel that looks so ready for pink-painted-toes, nights out drinking lemondrops and moscow mules on a warm balcony, or romantic date nights that end at a french bakery... that just adds the final perfect touch. And with an oomph, I'm wooshed into the rare realm of feeling truly beautiful. 

When Zappos asked me to pick some items from their massive collection, I was daunted by the choices, but luckily it's spring and there's nothing I want to wear more than that which fits in this online shopping filter category: clothing > women's > dresses > color:white > length:short. If you haven't added a white dress to your power-collection for this gorgeous spring... you've got some shopping to do!


  1. You look gorgeous!! This dress is so pretty and very feminine!

  2. wow so pretty i love this dress!

    XO Meghan
    citrus fashion

  3. love this look!!!!!


  4. This is seriously gorgeous! Love your dress and heels!

  5. Love this dress!!

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  6. Gorgeous!!! Especially love the bag!

  7. I was JUST thinking how this is so Claire!!

  8. I don't personally like wearing many all-white pieces; they seem so stark on me, and I prefer cream or beige. I have one pair of flats and one blouse, and that's about it for all-white in my closet.
    However. You certainly should feel beautiful in this outfit, because you look beautiful. I love the black and white together on you.

  9. You had me at Claire Underwood. Life goals, right there. Give me your confidence and poise, Claire.

  10. this dress is gorgeous and you look bomb in it!

    xo, Nina

  11. def. can relate to this post. doll, you look amazing!

  12. Oh this dress.. I love it..

  13. Very pretty outfit and photos!


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